Mark Spain Real Estate Fundamentals

Mark Spain Real Estate Fundamentals

Mark Spain Real Estate Fundamentals

By Mark Spain Real Estate

At Mark Spain Real Estate, our goal is to provide an unprecedented client experience. We have high standards our agents adhere to in order to deliver on our promise. These high standards led to the development of our Fundamentals. We’ve broken down three of our Fundamentals to explain how they help us deliver an excellent client experience.

Fundamental #2

Create an experience. Do the little things, as well as the big things, that blow people away. Create an extraordinary and memorable experience. Mere satisfaction is for lesser companies and agents.

Because a core value of Mark Spain Real Estate is to Lead With a Servant’s Heart, our agents consistently go above and beyond for the clients they serve. We pride ourselves on putting people first. Our clients say time and time again that they felt like they were our number one priority the whole transaction. By keeping this in mind, we not only meet the goals of our clients, we exceed them.

Mark Spain has key Fundamentals to encourage our success

Fundamental #5

We have found that keeping the simple things simple goes a long way. One of the easiest ways to keep a transaction seamless is to simply pick up the phone and have a direct conversation! Emotions are lost over texts and email chains. Mark Spain Real Estate practices empathy by picking up the phone and calling our clients. We ensure we understand their goals and that we never miss a beat in keeping them informed.

Fundamental #19

We take our fiduciary duties to our clients very seriously. That is why we ensure our agents understand the contracts and the law. In order to deliver a world-class client experience, it is imperative that our agents take extreme care when completing the contract and producing special stipulations. We take care to make sure our clients fully understand the contracts we present them. By helping them understand the contracts, our clients are able to choose the best possible offer to exceed their goals.

Our agents abide by these fundamentals in order to deliver an unprecedented client experience to every client. Looking to sell your home? We’d love to serve you! 

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Mark Spain Real Estate is grateful to serve all of Metro Atlanta and Athens in Georgia, Charlotte and Raleigh in North Carolina, Orlando and Tampa in Florida, and Nashville in Tennessee!