Mark Spain Real Estate’s 2nd Annual Fall Training for Company Growth

Mark Spain Real Estate’s 2nd Annual Fall Training for Company Growth

Mark Spain Real Estate’s 2nd Annual Fall Training for Company Growth

By Mark Spain Real Estate

One of our core values at Mark Spain Real Estate is to constantly grow and improve. Thanks to our awesome training department, we are excited to kick off our second annual companywide Fall training session.

Training is important to us, so we can stay on top of new trends in the market, technologies advancements, and personal growth to deliver an unparalleled client experience to all of our clients. The training will take place virtually next Wednesday, November 11 from 9:30am to 12:30pm!

Brandi Bryant is a part of our awesome training team. She worked so hard on our 2nd annual fall trainingMark Spain Real Estate’s Fall Trainings

Fall back into focus is an opportunity for our team members to constantly grow and improve. Last year, it was called “Fall Back Into Focus” and was an all day event.  They provided games, raffles, and agent panel where agents formed questions and scenarios to help each other. Giving one another different scenarios allows each agent to see how to react in certain situations and teach each other different tactics. It is important to keep an open mind when learning to make room for growth and better understandings.

Earlier this year, our training department held a virtual spring training for our agents. The training department hosted a morning session on Zoom and focused on how to be successful and work together, virtually.

A look at the day

Our training department and leadership team have been working hard to ensure this virtual fall training session will be impactful on long time and new agents. “Get Fired Up” is the title for this fall’s training. The team is providing our agents with the right training resources to be their best selves. We are so thankful for our wonderful training team for working so hard to help us grow and improve. This enables our company to continue providing our clients the best experience possible.

They have created breakout sessions for the agents and each have different coaches in our fall training. They have brought in a guest speaker, Joe Girard, learn more about Joe on his website, He is a well known sales success coach who focuses on simplifying the mindset in order to sell successfully. We are super excited to have him as our guest and learn from him. Joe will be discussing the following topics during the training
  • Bringing the RIGHT Sales Energy
  • Exuding Confidence
  • Influencing Others to Want to Work with You

Additionally, there will be prize incentives for our agents and their participation. There will be a virtual “picker wheel” for our agents to win giveaways. These giveaways include an iPad air, an Amazon gift card, and more.

From the team

“Our fall training pros are stoked about the 2nd annual ‘Fall Back Into Focus’ virtual event on November 11th. Coming together as a sales team to honor one of our core values of ‘constantly growing and improving’ helps everyone walk away more confident and more prepared to win more business than we were the day before.”

“This year, we built up content to help the team unlock the fun on all of their future appointments.  It’s all about taking action and removing barriers to success.  We have hired a third party sales guru to share new and fresh techniques with the team that they have likely never heard before!  It’s sure to be memorable and impactful for all!” – Cindy Krampetz, Vice President of Sales

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