The Mark Spain Team Named a “Best Place to Work”

The Mark Spain Team Named a “Best Place to Work”

The Mark Spain Team Named a “Best Place to Work”

By Mark Spain Real Estate

The lucky few wake up and want to go to work; The Mark Spain Team counts themselves among the luckiest. Recently included in the Atlanta Business Chronicle’s “Best Places to Work” small companies list, The Mark Spain Team has become the top-selling real estate firm in the Southeast, one that dominates the Forsyth County real estate market.

Mark Spain Team named to “Best Places to Work”

As any entrepreneur knows, positive values are the root of a company’s success. Mark Spain found his most important value at a young age: self-improvement. “When I was 14, my dad had me read The Psychology of Winning by Denis Waitley, and he got me to read How to Win Friends and Influence People,” Mark told Outfront magazine. “I realize now…how blessed I really am and how blessed I was to have parents early on who shared those kinds of self-improvement books with me. It changed the trajectory of my life and put me on the fast track.”

Mark’s passion for self-improvement helps his employees as well. Employees are encouraged to read self-improvement books such as Keller Williams founder Gary Keller’s The One Thing, a book that teaches readers how to develop a single goal that can achieve extraordinary results. Team members develop their one thing during monthly sales meetings. There they share sales results and struggles; everyone receives support, not blame. Mark and President John Makarewicz later meet with individual team members, discuss how to overcome their obstacles, and help team members achieve their “One Thing.”

Mark Spain Real Estate has been named the best place to work

Team members don’t pursue their “One Thing” alone, nor do they work at a “hi” and “bye” workplace. The company softball team, aptly named “The Closers,” plays eight to ten weeks out of the year. When the warm weather fades, the Mark Spain Team looks forward to bowling outings and holiday parties. These cultural events, “act as the glue that binds the team together,” said Miles Murphy, the company’s Director of Sales. “Real estate can be lonely. People need that connection. Here we support each other so we can succeed together.”

Recently, The Mark Spain team attended Dave Ramsey’s Smart Money Tour. Their team members learned new strategies to manage their wealth, grow their investments, and find different ways to give back to their communities, ensuring The Mark Spain Team’s success trickles down to others.

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