Mark Spain Real Estate’s Fundamentals Podcast

Mark Spain Real Estate’s Fundamentals Podcast

Mark Spain Real Estate’s Fundamentals Podcast

By Mark Spain Real Estate

Mark Spain Real Estate’s Fundamentals Podcast emphasizes our value points and encourages growth within the brokerage. We are focused on creating a fun and supportive culture within the company while constantly growing and improving.  It is important to start at the core of the organization and strengthen each individual person so the company as a whole can grow and achieve more than one could imagine for our consumers.  We understand that what benefits our agents also benefit our clients. Placing our clients first and delivering an unparalleled client experience to meet their needs is our top priority.

Being a part of Mark Spain Real Estate has many advantages. The company has set out many insightful opportunities to advance the knowledge and mind. If you are looking to grow your career, visit our website to apply today! 

Our very own Bobby Hughes leads us each week with the Fundamentals Podcast. This podcast consists of guest speakers, insight on new opportunities, and inspiring aspects that get the mind thinking. 

Bobby Hughes and the Fundamentals PodcastListen to Mark Spain Real Estate's Fundamentals Podcast

The podcast is hosted by Mark Spain Real Estate’s Bobby Hughes. After working as an Exclusive Listing Agent for Mark Spain Real Estate, he has learned to apply a better mindset and approach each day. This is an exemplary quality of our core value to constantly grow and improve. Not only does this podcast differentiate from other podcasts but it differentiates our brokerage as a whole from other residential real estate firms as well. 

The Fundamentals Podcast instills our core values into the organization and is another tool our company can dive into for further training. The podcast is advertised to our company each week with a snippet of what the podcast covers, who is featured, and an inspirational quote for the week! It sends out positive messages, reiterates our values as a company, and provides a fresh perspective on growth and improvement in all areas.

Growing and Improving

At Mark Spain Real Estate we aim to constantly grow and improve. To us, this means to place a high value on bettering ourselves every day. Without the attitude of pursuing consistent growth, we become stagnant and complacent. Treasure is found in growth. To grow means to advance our knowledge of all things and push our minds to new heights. This enables us to keep up with the ever-evolving world! We are not only pushing ourselves in life, but also in the real estate industry. We want to be able to exceed our clients’ real estate goals and deliver an unparalleled client experience by being the most knowledgeable real estate team. 

The Fundamentals Podcast remains a major tool for Mark Spain Real Estate to bond over growth and improvement within the organization. This podcast acquires many aspects that keep the listeners on their toes and ensures learning and growth with each episode. Different points of view are seen from different speakers. Our very own John Makarewicz was featured this past month to talk about the Mark Spain Leadership Journey. Last week, the podcast covered Juneteenth. Opportunities for learning never end with this podcast. Mark Spain Real Estate's Fundamentals Podcast Is Live

Mark Spain Real Estate understands that undertaking various training sets the foundation for success. Whether it be podcasts, books, speakers, or classes, we take the time to invest in ourselves so we can better serve each client! Our clients can feel rest assured, knowing they are in the most knowledgeable hands! 

Mark Spain Real Estate is actively seeking to hire dedicated individuals who are in pursuit of continuously growing and improving. If you are seeking a new career, contact us! We strive to excel in reaching all of our clients real estate goals in the buying and selling processes while delivering an unparalleled client experience. At Mark Spain Real Estate we lead with a servant’s heart and put our clients first in all that we do. 

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Mark Spain Real Estate is grateful to serve all of Metro Atlanta and Athens in Georgia, Charlotte and Raleigh in North Carolina, Orlando, Tampa, and Jacksonville in Florida, and Nashville in Tennessee!