MSRE Hosts 5th Annual Big ‘Y’ Day

MSRE Hosts 5th Annual Big ‘Y’ Day

MSRE Hosts 5th Annual Big ‘Y’ Day

By Mark Spain Real Estate

On May 17th, our team took a full day out of the office to devote to our 5th annual Big Y Day. Every year, our team dedicates a day of service to come together as a company and give back to our community. Big Y Day is an event our team looks forward to all year. All of our team members from offices across Atlanta and Athens come together to help clean up YMCA’s summer camp at Eagle Point.  This project helps to make a difference for the 1,600 kids that are expected to attend each summer.

On May 17th, our team took a full day out of the office to devote to our 5th annual Big Y Day

Big Y Day

Mark Spain, Chairman and CEO of Mark Spain Real Estate, has been greatly involved in the YMCA for several years. He is deeply passionate about giving back to the kids in our community. His passion for the YMCA energizes the team even further to participate each year. It has been so rewarding to see the difference made over the years.

Earlier this year in March, our team worked together to raise money for the YMCA Spin-A-Thon. The Spin-A-Thon helps the YMCA raise money to send as many kids as possible to camp. This year, Team Spain’s goal was to raise over $25,000 and we ended up raising over $35,000. Every donation of $165 helps the YMCA give another kid the joy of summer camp and as a team. We were able to help over 212 kids have that opportunity!

“For us, we love participating in the fundraising as well as diving in to get the camp ready,” says John Makarewicz, President of Mark Spain Real Estate. “One in five YMCA members are on scholarship. The money we raise helps go towards giving them an opportunity to go to summer camp for a week. Big ‘Y’ Day is an exciting day where we get to bring everything full circle and get the camp ready for these kids for the summer.”

Big ‘Y’ Day allows our team to see first-hand where the money we raised is going towards. By taking a day outside the office to help clean up Camp Eagle Point, the fundraising and mission becomes crystal clear. “It was amazing to see faces from every one of our offices coming together to work towards our common goal to get Camp Eagle Point ready for the kids this summer!” says Eliza Pritchett, Exclusive Buyer Agent.

Rain or Shine

Each year, we focus on getting different aspects of the camp summer-ready for all of the kids. This year, we helped paint picnic tables, clear walking trails and set up the beach with new sand. We also had members spread mulch and pressure wash the pavilion. Members also hung up netting so the kids have a safe area to play basketball. By the end of the day, the camp was transformed and looked ready for a great summer.

Though rain was the forecast, we were committed to help make the camp show-ready, rain or shine! The rain ended up holding off and it turned out to be a beautiful day to help the community. Alisha Burdette, VP of Marketing, says, “It’s going to be such a great experience for all these kiddos to show up and be able to enjoy this camp experience. For all of us at MSRE, we’re giving back to the community and we’re super excited to be a part of it”.

Our team has loved having the opportunity to help with Big Y Day over the years. We had a blast helping this May and we are so excited for the kids to enjoy camp this summer. We can’t wait to be back next year!

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