New Homeowner’s Styling Guide to Make Your Space Feel Like Home

New Homeowner’s Styling Guide to Make Your Space Feel Like Home

New Homeowner’s Styling Guide to Make Your Space Feel Like Home

By Mark Spain Real Estate

As a new homeowner, it’s easy to feel out of place when settling into a new space. With so many memories yet to make in your new house, there will be a few weeks when the place doesn’t feel quite like your own. However, these feelings will dissipate once you decorate and design your space to your liking. 

At Mark Spain Real Estate, we recognize that moving into a new home can be challenging. However, with some home styling advice from our experts, your house will feel like home in no time! Below, they’ve compiled the ultimate new homeowner’s styling guide for settling into your new space. Check it out!

New Homeowner’s Styling Guide to Make Your Space Feel Like Home

Hang Art and Family Photos

There’s nothing more dull or lifeless than blank walls. Even if painted in vibrant colors, no wall is complete without artwork or photographs. Filling your walls with cherished family photographs or collected artwork is a quick and straightforward way to bring life into your new space. As you unpack, set aside your wall artwork and frames and strategically place them throughout your home. Once they’re hung and ready to go, you’ll instantly feel more settled and like you’ve made strides in the unpacking process. 

Organize Closets 

Many new homeowners first unpack common spaces when settling in. However, it’s actually best to start with smaller corners. When waking up to go to work on Monday morning, your routine won’t be disrupted by an unfinished living room. One way for homeowners to make a space feel like home is to organize closets. However, a closet full of lingering packed boxes surely will. Unpacking and organizing your closets first thing will help ease the transition into your new space. These and other essential storage spaces like your bathroom sink should be some of the first things you tackle when moving, as they will make you feel more settled and comfortable in your new home. 

Incorporate House Plants

House plants are an easy, effective way to make a house feel like a home. Whether it be a fresh bouquet on your kitchen table or a growing potted plant by your window, live house plants will instantly brighten up your home and bring life into your space. As a result, you’ll notice a boost in energy and creativity, hopefully inspiring you to decorate the rest of your home and make the space your own. 

Prioritize Bedrooms

Bedrooms are another space you’ll want to prioritize early in the moving process. After all, there’s no better way to ensure comfort than to have a cozy, inviting sleep space. Once you’ve placed your bedroom furniture, add homey accents to make you feel relaxed and at ease. One way for new homeowners too feel at home in their new space is to prioritize the bedrooms. Whether that be a family photo on your nightstand or a candle filling the room with familiar scents, making your bedroom a safe, familiar space will instantly make your house feel more like home. 

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