Agent Spotlight: October 2021 Top Agents

Agent Spotlight: October 2021 Top Agents

Agent Spotlight: October 2021 Top Agents

By Mark Spain Real Estate

Mark Spain Real Estate is honored to celebrate our top agents from October 2021. Each month, we are blown away by the efforts put in and successes achieved by our agents. At Mark Spain Real Estate, we prioritize investing in our agents by providing them with extensive education and training. The specialization and implementation of education, training, and hard work have resulted in over 33,000 satisfied clients for Mark Spain Real Estate, with over $6 billion in lifetime sales!

Our agents strive to provide an unparalleled client experience, and this month’s top agents excelled in this area! Are you interested in joining our team of hardworking professionals? Apply here or contact us today. We look forward to hearing from you!

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October 2021 New Listings

Mark Spain Real Estate is proud to recognize our top agents who listed the most properties in October of 2021.

October 2021 Natasha Myers October 2021 Rhonda Kosor October 2021 Grace Hartsfield

Together, these three dedicated agents helped 34 families list their homes for sale in October! In addition to the 34 homes listed by our top agents, all Mark Spain Real Estate agents together listed 1676 homes during the month of October. Fall in a seller’s market is definitely the time to move, so list your home with Mark Spain Real Estate today! To learn more about what it means to be in a seller’s market, read this recent blog

Want to join all the people moving with Mark Spain Real Estate but not looking to sell your home through a traditional market listing? The Mark Spain Real Estate Guaranteed Offer allows you to bypass the market, avoid showings and open houses, sell in as little as 21 days or after you find your new home, and receive a strong cash offer. Get a Guaranteed Offer on your home and sell hassle-free today! 

October 2021 Closings

Mark Spain Real Estate’s top three listing agents helped 20 families close on their homes in October 2021. 

October 2021 Rhonda 4M October 2021 Simon Mandell October 2021 Grace 2.1M

Selling your home is easy with Mark Spain Real Estate! Our team as a whole helped 667 families sell their homes in October. 

Buying a home with Mark Spain Real Estate is easy, too! Our buyer’s agents are the best in the business, and we are proud to recognize October’s top three buyer agents.

October 2021 Casey Penell October 2021 Donnie Icenhour October 2021 Joy McCammon

When you’re ready to buy a home, Mark Spain Real Estate’s buyer agents are the most trusted team in residential real estate. Our top three Exclusive Buyer Agents together helped 20 families buy their dream homes in October, contributing to the 99 families who found their dream home through Mark Spain Real Estate last month! Let our highly skilled and local agents help you find your next home.

We are proud to be the most trusted name in residential real estate We serve all of Metro Atlanta, including Athens in Georgia, Raleigh and Charlotte and Greensboro in North Carolina, Nashville and Chattanooga in Tennessee, Tampa and Orlando and Jacksonville in Florida, Greenville in South Carolina, and Birmingham in Alabama!

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