Spring Cleaning: Organization of Your Home

Spring Cleaning: Organization of Your Home

Spring Cleaning: Organization of Your Home

By Mark Spain Real Estate

The weather is getting warmer which means the time is approaching to start spring cleaning! Throughout the year, it is easy for your home to get cluttered and disorganized, it is imperative to get it back in shape! You will feel better living in a tidy and orderly home! Mark Spain Real Estate has curated the top tips to get you started on the organization of your home!

Organizing Made Easy: What You Need

  • Baskets 
  • Clear Containers
  • Hooks
  • Pegboards 
  • Cleaning Supplies 
  • Label Maker 
Organization of the KitchenUtilize labeled containers for organization of your pantry!

Kitchens are a major focal point of a home, it is imperative to keep it clean and organized! Not only will this look better but you will be able to utilize more things in the kitchen than you thought possible! Pantries, drawers, and countertops, and refrigerators easily get cluttered. You will save money on food and drinks when you are more organized because you will be able to see what you have in stock and what food has gone bad. It is very easy to forget what is in the back of your refrigerator and it goes bad without ever being able to use it. 

In the refrigerator and pantry, you can utilize labeled plastic containers and sort out your items. This makes the decision process very quick and easy for you and your kids. Not only is this aesthetically pleasing, but you will also know what you are grabbing and what is in stock! Take a look into your drawers and remove anything you don’t need. Add drawer organizers and bins to sort your silverware and cooking utensils. 

Organization of the Garage

The first place many things are thrown into is the garage. Lawn equipment, tools, toys, and miscellaneous items are often found in this space. It is best to start with a clear space when organizing, so take everything out so you can easily see what you are working with. After you get everything out of the garage, do a swift clean by sweeping and rinsing the floors, wipe down the baseboards, and wash the windows. 

Divide and conquer by sorting out all the items in the garage. After you’ve done this you can begin to decide where to place everything and what you don’t need anymore. For tools, you can put up pegboards with hooks to use space more efficiently. Place shelves on an empty wall to place cable cords, cleaning supplies, and miscellaneous items so items aren’t sprawled in corners and on the floor. By the use of shelves, baskets, and hooks you can maximize the space in your garage and stay more organized! 

Organization of the Closet Spaces

Amazon is a great place to get all you need for the organization of your closet. Hanging shelves, shoe shelf organizers, and baskets create a clean look all while separating clothing items in your closet. These utilize what little space many closets have! This way, you don’t have to compromise the number of things you have. A great way to organize your closet is to sort by color and clothing type. Put all of your pants in one place, jackets in another, and dresses and shirts in a separate section. This will help you when deciding what to wear, you will be able to easily see what you have! 

Mark Spain Real Estate strives to continuously grow and improve in all that we do! It is important to reflect and look back to look for ways of improvement. It is proven that working and living in a clean space provides less stress and enables you to be able to find things quicker! The organization of your home will clear your mind and is a great starting point for improvement! For more information and updates, visit our site!

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