Our Core Values

Our Core Values

Our Core Values

By Mark Spain Real Estate

At Mark Spain Real Estate, our vision is to become the top-of-mind, most trusted name in residential real estate, to provide our customers with an unprecedented level of service in the real estate industry, and to create a company culture that offers team members the opportunity to succeed, grow, and enrich their lives. We strive to achieve this by embodying our core values!

Our core values at Mark Spain Real Estate are to have an attitude of excellence, to remain customer-focused, to constantly grow and improve, to lead with a servant’s heart, and to promote a supportive and fun culture. 

Our Core Values

An Attitude of Excellence

At Mark Spain Real Estate, we strive to always have an attitude of excellence. This means that we are constantly encouraging our team to go above and beyond to serve our clients to the best of our ability. We work hard to provide experiences for our clients, turning their involvement with Mark Spain Real Estate from a transaction to a pleasant interaction with a person who cares about them. 

Lindsey Haste, our Administration Manager, says

“an attitude of excellence means striving to not just be the best, but to give the best. It’s about being intentional with our actions so our clients feel they are receiving top-notch service.”

Remain Customer-Focused

All Mark Spain Real Estate team members are expected to remain customer-focused in everything they do, in order to help our clients exceed their real estate goals. We value people over transactions, and we understand that our client is the most important variable in every transaction.

Our Core Value - Remain Customer-Focused


Our agents are provided with extensive knowledge of the markets they serve in addition to continuous training to keep them up to date on the industry and how to best serve their customers 

“My agent was professional, knowledgeable, and passionate about creating the best experience possible when listing our home. His experience in the industry put me at ease, and he was easy to talk to…He showed up with a smile and left us feeling like we were well taken care of.” – Chris 

Our greatest goal is to provide an unparalleled client experience, and our client Cris’s story is a great testament to our client focus. 

Constantly Grow and Improve

Another strong core value at Mark Spain Real Estate is the expectation to constantly grow and improve. In short, to constantly grow and improve means to change; people and organizations remain relevant by seeking new ways to enhance their processes, results, and contributions to the marketplace. 

In order to help our team members constantly grow and improve, Mark Spain Real Estate is proud to provide the training and education needed to be a successful real estate agent. Our leaders offer mentorship and knowledge necessary to grow both professionally and personally! 

Lead with a Servant’s Heart

Mark Spain Real Estate values leading with a servant’s heart. Our team does this by putting others first and supporting our local communities. Whether we do this through team volunteering, making donations, or fulfilling our duty to our clients to put their priorities above ours, we prioritize putting others’ needs ahead of our own.

Our Core Value - Leading with a Servant's Heart

One way in which Mark Spain encourages leading with a servant’s heart is through the Mark Spain Foundation. The Mark Spain Foundation was formed in 2016 in an effort to make strategic charitable investments in the local communities in which we work. We have a passion for giving back, and we are committed to making a positive impact in our communities. 

Promote a Supportive and Fun Culture

Lastly, we value promoting a supportive and fun culture at Mark Spain Real Estate. We believe that positive team culture is an integral part of success in the workplace and that everyone is more comfortable and productive when the culture is fun and supportive. Our company culture allows our team members to grow and thrive, which leads to them providing unparalleled experiences for our clients. 

“Mark Spain Real Estate has such a welcoming and inviting culture. Personally, it is the high level of loyalty, respect, and trust that Mark Spain Real Estate has in its employees. Work is never boring with our fun and positive environment,” says Rebecca Kilbride, our Investor Lead Administrator!

We are proud to be named a “Best Places to Work” by the Atlanta Business Chronicle and a “Top 150 Workplaces” by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. We believe that our culture is a great contributor to these accolades!

If you are looking to work with a team dedicated to staying in line with these core values in order to provide an unparalleled client experience, choose Mark Spain Real Estate for all your home buying or home selling needs. 

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Mark Spain Real Estate is grateful to serve all of Metro Atlanta and Athens in Georgia, Charlotte and Raleigh in North Carolina, Orlando, Tampa, and Jacksonville in Florida, and Nashville in Tennessee!