Podcasts For Personal Growth

Podcasts For Personal Growth

Podcasts For Personal Growth

By Ali Cousins

At Mark Spain Real Estate, we find it valuable to learn from other professionals. One great way to do that is by listening to podcasts for personal growth. Podcasts allow you to multitask and get things done while gaining great knowledge and insights into the real estate industry! Continue reading to hear about some of the most popular podcasts for personal growth within the real estate industry!

Mark Spain Real Estate would be honored to connect with you on your career goals. We have been named the #1 residential real estate team in the U.S. for the last 5 consecutive years and look forward to expanding our rapidly growing team.

As a team member at Mark Spain Real Estate, you will have access to top training sessions and personal growth mechanisms to grow personally and professionally. Please visit our website to view the positions we are actively hiring for! 

3 Podcasts For Personal GrowthPodcasts we recommend for personal growth at Mark Spain Real Estate

Real Estate News For Investors

One of the best podcasts for personal growth is Real Estate News For Investors. Although it says it’s a great podcast for investors, it is great for anyone in the real estate world. This podcast keeps you up to date on news and trends relating to or impacting the real estate market.

It talks about its predictions with the market and even helps you pinpoint which markets are hot. This podcast is a short 5-10 minutes long which is great for those wanting a quick and concise update on the real estate market.

The Real Estate Guys

Another one of the best podcasts for personal growth is The Real Estate Guys. Robert Helms and Russell Gray, the two hosts of the podcast, discuss investment strategies, the economy, taxes, protecting your assets, due diligence, markets and so much more. These topics can benefit you in multiple different ways within the real estate industry. Not only do they share their knowledge, they also keep it fun and entertaining, which can sometimes be tricky while talking about these topics.

The Best Ever Real Estate Show

Two coworkers reading for personal growth at Mark Spain Real EstateThe Best Ever Real Estate Show is another one of the best podcasts for personal growth. Joe Fairless interviews big names within the real estate industry to give advice and tips to his listeners. They explain all of the lessons they have learned along the way and how to tackle the obstacles that they faced. This podcast goes all the way back to the beginning by explaining how to start getting into real estate. Joe’s podcast is the longest-running daily real estate podcast to date.

Podcast Live!

At Mark Spain Real Estate, we have an internal podcast hosted by our very own, Bobby Hughes, called Podcast Live! This influential podcast is provided to Mark Spain Real Estate team members. Mark Spain Real Estate team members can be featured on this podcast and can remain up-to-date with current trends and company news. We are grateful to Bobby Hughes for all the hard work he puts into this podcast! 

Mark Spain Real Estate is here to help you kickstart your personal growth and fine-tune the self-improvement habits that will lead you to success! We would be grateful to connect with you on expanding your career and delivering an unparalleled client experience. We are honored to hire those who are willing to constantly grow and improve and lead with a servant’s heart! For more information, please visit our website!  

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