Preparing Your Home For Cold Weather

Preparing Your Home For Cold Weather

Preparing Your Home For Cold Weather

By Mark Spain Real Estate

It is important to start preparing your home for cold weather as the conditions can be harsh on the house and can seep inside. If you are selling your home or preparing to sell your home in the near future, it is important to check all of the features that will need to work like your fireplace, installation, and air conditioning system. At Mark Spain Real Estate, we want you to be prepared for this season’s coldest temperatures and feel warm and cozy with your family. 

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Preparing Your Home For Cold Weather 

Fireplaces help with preparing your home for cold weatherInspecting Your Home

It is important to regularly inspect your home. We suggest you first inspect your windows as this is the first place cold air can creep into your home. Check and see if there are any drafts that can come through and if there are any openings for water to seep in.

Once you have approved the inspection of the windows, we suggest moving to the exterior doors of your home. Air can seep in through the cracks in doorframes, so it may be necessary to invest in a draft stopper to go underneath the doorframe. 

Cleaning the Fireplace 

If you have a fireplace in your home, you will most likely be utilizing it once the temperatures drop. When preparing your home for cold weather, we suggest cleaning the fireplace for utmost safety and for the best results. It is also recommended that you get the fireplace inspected as well. You want to have confidence when you are laying by the fireplace on chilly winter nights that it is working properly and that you and your family’s safety is kept at the forefront. 

If you do not have a fireplace, or like extra heat running through your home, we suggest getting a portable heater! This way, you can remain cozy anywhere you go! Here is an article containing some of the top heater recommendations. Many people use portable heaters in the mornings while getting ready or drinking their morning coffee. Or, you can utilize the portable heater in your home office while you are working!

Ramping Up The Coziness of Your Home Preparing your home for cold weather means ramping up the coziness

At the end of a long, cold day you and your family will want nothing more than to go home to a warm and cozy home. We recommend that you bring out the fuzzy blankets and throws so warmth will be at everyone’s fingertips. Before the cold weather truly begins, try turning the heat on to ensure your family will be in a suitable environment. If it does not work, you will not have to frantically search for someone to come repair the system last minute. 

If you are selling your home during the cold season approaching us, we suggest making your home extra cozy. Before a showing, bake fresh cookies and have warm-scented candles running. Bring out your warm throws and run your fireplace. Highlighting your home’s top features will serve you in selling your home easy and stress-free with Mark Spain Real Estate! Preparing your home for cold weather now will enable you to have less stress when the temperatures do actually drop.

Mark Spain Real Estate is grateful to ensure you and your family have the tools necessary to start preparing your home for cold weather. If you are showing your home in the winter, potential buyers will not want to walk into a freezing home. Highlight the home’s ability to provide warmth and coziness during the coldest months! 

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