Preparing Your Home for the School Year

Preparing Your Home for the School Year

Preparing Your Home for the School Year

By Mark Spain Real Estate

The summer months are meant for spending time in the sun relaxing with your family! Summer is also a much-needed break for children before they begin a new chapter in the next grade and we are here to help you by preparing your home for the future. Mark Spain Real Estate is here to highlight the importance of creating a home environment that will prepare you and your children for the next school year. Ensuring your home is set up for a smooth and seamless transition from summer to school is imperative for your children! Continue reading for tips and tricks on how to dominate the start of the school year!

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Preparing Your Home for the School Year

A Space For School Supplies

Preparing Your Home for the School Year

At Mark Spain Real Estate, we understand how stressful starting a new school year can be. When you set your home up for success now, there will be one less thing for you to worry about in the mornings! We want to highlight some small and easy changes to make the transition easier for our clients.

Picking up around the house and keeping a clean space will make everyone feel more organized and prepared for the exciting first day. We recommend keeping a section around your house to keep school supplies at easy access! This can remove the stress of finding what you need during the busy schedules of the school year. Gone are the days of frantically running to the store to get your child the necessities needed for a school project that is due the next day. Set aside organized buckets containing crayons, glue, paper, tape, pencils, pens, and poster boards to ensure any kind of project will be covered.   

Another simple and effective way to keep your house prepared is to keep a bookshelf devoted specifically to holding textbooks or class readings. You will not have to worry about book bags and books being flung all over the kitchen when they have a designated place on a shelf. Additionally, you will know exactly where to look if one of your children forgets their books at home and you need to bring it up to the school.  This will make everyone feel prepared and confident!

Create a Working Space

Having a dedicated space to sit down and focus on your work in your home is a perfect way to stay focused and on task when coming home from school or work. Mark Spain Real Estate suggests that space in the living room, kitchen, or dining room table is an ideal place to sit down and have a distraction-free homework zone. For best results, make sure there are no toys, TVs, or other distractions nearby to sidetrack you. You can prep this area by ensuring the lighting is bright and the space can be kept quiet for a period of time. This can make your transition from summer fun to afternoon homework more seamless for your children!

During the summer months, you can utilize this space for art projects, summer reading programs, or whatever else you may please! It is important to delegate this as a “learning space,” so that when your children come to this location they know to settle down and complete the job at hand. Little changes around the house help you by preparing your home for the school year.

Preparing Your Home for the School Year

Keep a Shared and Balanced Space

Creating an environment to learn and grow in the home is important. Many memories are cherished at home, including late nights studying for an exam with your parents in the study room. By separating a quiet space in your home for school work and other learning opportunities, you will have an array of opportunities for your children! Having different spaces for the creativity to flow and having a relaxing time on the couch will keep your home steady and prepared for all of the school year fun ahead!

At Mark Spain Real Estate, we strive to encourage all families to be set up for success as you are preparing your home for the school year so you too have a positive environment surrounding you! We would be honored to serve you in excelling in your real estate goals by taking the stress away from selling or buying your future home! Start preparing your home today with Mark Spain Real Estate!

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