How a Professional Photographer Will Help Sell Your Home

How a Professional Photographer Will Help Sell Your Home

How a Professional Photographer Will Help Sell Your Home

By Mark Spain Real Estate

In today’s world, the first place home buyers turn towards when searching for homes is the Internet with the usage of photos. Whether on Zillow, Trulia,, or other prominent home search sites, people spend hours browsing through beautiful homes. The degree to which buyers stay interested and the time they spend looking at homes all comes down to one thing (hint: it’s not the remarks). That one element is the quality of the pictures you advertise. We’re here to share with you exactly how a professional photographer will sell your home and what you can do to ensure your photos are top notch in just three steps.


Step One: Find a Great Photographer

This is a vital starting point. Find a great photographer and you’ll find the rest of the process to be easier. With great photos, you and your agent will easily be able to create fabulous marketing pieces, advertisements, and flyers. Look up reviews, ask for recommendations, and search for photographers online. A great photographer will have a fantastic digital portfolio of their work so you can check them out beforehand.

Many photographers cater their shoots to your home’s budget. So, if your home is listed at $200K, the photographer should not charge you the same price as if your home was listed at $2M home. Most importantly, make sure the photographer you choose is willing to work with your wants and needs.


Step Two: Prep Before the Photographer Arrives

The best way to get the most outstanding photos is to prepare beforehand. A photographer can shoot great angles and edit the photos with high-tech softwares, however, the quickest way to ensure the best photos possible is to be ready before the photographer arrives. We get it – cleaning is not fun, but a clean house makes for much better pictures. Think empty-openness: vacuum the carpet, give hardwoods a nice shine, and make sure all unnecessary items and cords are tucked away.

Staging is a great tool to invest in if your home is either too bare or the furniture you have in your home does not photograph or market well. Many sellers contemplate investing in buying new furniture of their own but that is time intensive and is more expensive in the long run. Several staging services will come out and ensure all of the work is completed for you. Even if you just consider staging in a few distinct and key rooms, the end product photos will go a long way – not to mention how great the pieces will be for open houses.


Step Three: Choose Key Ph0tos for Online

Fantastic – you made it through the hard part. Now, you get to choose your favorite photos. Along with your Realtor, sift through the photos sent from the photographer and strategically choose the best photos. Most listing services online allow you to choose 40 pictures so make sure you highlight your best features of your home through the photos you choose. Whether it’s an upgraded kitchen, a spacious master bedroom, your relaxing master bathroom, or the kid’s favorite room in the basement, make sure you showcase your favorite parts.  Your favorite rooms will most likely match your potential buyer’s favorite rooms as well.

If your home is open, make sure you add photos online of your open floor plan. If you mention updated carpet and new paint, showcase that! Select your top photos, let your Realtor know, and they will take care of the rest. Follow these steps and you will be well on your way to making the sell of your home a breeze!

Awesome job! You made it through the hard part, now you get to sit back and relax as thousands look through your gorgeous listing online. Get ready for all of the open house requests coming your way and prepare to sell your home!

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