The Pros of Buying in a Seller’s Market

The Pros of Buying in a Seller’s Market

The Pros of Buying in a Seller’s Market

By Mark Spain Real Estate

It is no secret that we are currently in a seller’s market. What does this mean for you, buyers? For starters, a seller’s market occurs when there is more demand than supply of houses. This high demand to buy a home drives up competition and reduces the amount of time it takes to sell the home due to multiple offers being made at a fast rate. But how are such circumstances beneficial to you as a buyer? 

Due to a more competitive nature amongst buyers, buyers may be willing to go the extra mile in order to secure the homes of their dreams. Have no fear, our team of professionals are equipped with the tools to help you effectively navigate a seller’s market as a buyer! Continue reading to learn more on how Mark Spain Real Estate can serve you in buying the home of your dreams in today’s seller’s market!

The Pros of Buying in a Seller’s Market

The Pros of Buying in a Seller's Market

Deciding to buy a home can be daunting, when you are connected with a Mark Spain Real Estate Exclusive Buyer Consultant, you will be in the best hands possible from the beginning of the transaction to the very end.  Our team engages in extensive training and continuous learning pursuits to ensure we are top of mind when it comes to the residential real estate industry.

Our team collectively works together to ensure the clients’ needs are not only met, but exceeded. Many see the current market as a negative to their buying experience, but we are here to change your mind- we have compiled all of the pros to buying in a seller’s market! 

Low-Interest Rates

Good news, buyers – low mortgage rates allow for buyers in the market to buy a home that they truly love. Buyers that are unsure of how much they can afford can benefit from starting their home search in this kind of market because interest rates are low and they may be able to afford more than they originally thought! Taking advantage of small wins will make you more successful in finding your dream home in this competitive market! 

Preparation Will Allow For a Quick Offer

The seller’s market has deemed itself a fast-paced competitive market, it is imperative that you prepare yourself for all that is to come. You may be put in a position to have to act and think quickly but there is no need for this possibility to overwhelm you. Mark Spain Real Estate will ensure you are as prepared as possible to make all of these decisions. Our agents are extremely knowledgeable on the market and are professionals at what they do. Your buyer’s agent will be experienced, knowledgeable, and prepared to guide you to receiving the keys to your new home. 

We recommend that you know the price range that you need to stay around, remain open-minded when searching for your dream home, and receive pre-approval for a mortgage. Pre-approval will put you ahead of other buyers, especially in cases where multiple buyers have their eyes on a house. Also, understand the bidding process! In this market, underbidding on a home will not get you in the door, remember to remain competitive and possibly add an offer letter to add a personal touch.

Expanding Your Opportunity

The Pros of Buying in a Seller's Market

In a market where there is an ample number of houses to satisfy the number of serious buyers, you may feel more inclined to limit your search to certain areas and neighborhoods. Due to more competition in a seller’s market, take advantage of the supply and explore other areas you might not have otherwise considered! This allows you to open the door to more opportunities! When you limit your search, you limit the number of options that you have!

Consider other neighborhoods in good school districts or those that are a comfortable distance from your workplace. You never know what you might find by exploring somewhere outside of your comfort zone!

Mark Spain Real Estate is committed to serving you in reaching your goals! When working with one of our Buyers agents, you will gain access to our Homespotter app which will allow you to hone in on certain areas, test how long it will take you to get to your destinations, and homes similar to ones you are looking at! Expanding your search expands your opportunity! 

Move Quickly

In essence, this is a fast-paced, competitive market. Once you make an offer, you can hear back within hours if your offer got accepted. The competitive landscape entices buyers and sellers to make fast decisions enabling the buyer to move in faster. Search time shortens bringing you one step closer to the closing table! You no longer have to wait months to find your dream home, begin your fast-paced search today with Mark Spain Real Estate and get moving into your dream home, fast! 

Mark Spain Real Estate wants our clients to rest assured that they are in the best hands when navigating a seller’s market.  We pride ourselves on constantly delivering an unparalleled client experience, and we would be grateful for the opportunity to serve you! Contact us today and start packing! Please visit our website for more information on how we can deliver an unparalleled client experience to you. 

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