How to Draw The Attention Of Qualified Home Buyers

How to Draw The Attention Of Qualified Home Buyers

How to Draw The Attention Of Qualified Home Buyers

By Mark Spain Real Estate

Drawing the attention of qualified home buyers can be challenging if you do not have the tools and knowledge necessary. When working with a Mark Spain Real Estate agent, you can trust that they are going to bring in qualified home buyers and get you moving to the next chapter of your life, easy and stress-free! For more information on why you should choose to work with our brokerage, read this blog

Mark Spain Real Estate strives to remain the most trusted name in residential real estate. Our team works tirelessly to constantly grow and improve to ensure our clients are in the best hands possible from the beginning of the transaction to the very end. Continue reading to learn more about how you can bring in qualified home buyers!

How to Draw The Attention of Qualified Home Buyers

Strengthen Your Curb AppealAn agent bringing in qualified home buyers

The first thing anyone notices about a home is the curb appeal. If your home is not well kept on the outside, the potential buyer can only assume the inside is similar. We suggest mowing your lawn frequently, edging and weed eating, getting rid of dead flowers and plants, and brightening up the lawn at night with lighting. For more information on how you can strengthen the curb appeal of your home and draw in qualified home buyers, please read this blog!

Declutter The Inside of Your Home

Next, we suggest decluttering your home. When selling your home, it is easy to distract the qualified home buyer with your belongings. If you can get rid of unnecessary clutter and organize your home in a manner that shows the home’s foundation and highlights its best qualities you will be on good footing!

Additionally, if you are going to decorate your home while selling during the holiday season, be sure to choose minimalistic decorations to reduce distractions. Adding personal touches like family photos, bright colors, and decorations can reduce the likeliness that the potential buyer can see themselves living in the home. For more information on how to decorate your home during the holiday season, please read this blog!

Taking Professional PhotographyMark Spain Real Estate agent strategizing with clients on bringing in qualified home buyers

Taking professional photography of your home is important! These photos will be used in social media posts, flyers, and on real estate-related websites to advertise your home is listed on the market. Taking advantage of the two previous steps mentioned above will set your photography up for success. Keep in mind, when you are taking photos of your home, clean before! Dishes in the sink, clothes on the floor, and dirty countertops will be a distraction to qualified home buyers.

When working with Mark Spain Real Estate, your agent will ensure you are attracting qualified home buyers. Our agents are backed by expert marketing professionals to ensure your home is receiving maximum exposure! You will have access to a team dedicated 7 days a week to calling & emailing about your listing and ensuring you reach your real estate goals! Additionally, Mark Spain Real Estate’s listings sell for 98% of the list price which is 7% above market average! We have various selling options available to ensure you and your family reach your real estate goals stress-free!

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