First Quarter and Coronavirus Update

First Quarter and Coronavirus Update

First Quarter and Coronavirus Update

By Mark Spain Real Estate

The current Coronavirus pandemic has affected nearly everyone’s life and livelihood. From school closures to shopping restrictions and shortages to social distancing, 2020 is turning out differently than many expected. With real estate considered as an essential business, Mark Spain Real Estate continues to adapt from the challenges faced by the Coronavirus.

Mark Spain Real Estate Adapts to Challenges from the Coronavirus

Showings, contracts and closings have continued throughout the pandemic in creative new ways. The push for virtual showings, online meetings and signatures, and even virtual closings in some cases, are all part of adjusting to a social distancing society.

For Mark Spain Real Estate, adapting has not been as challenging as some brokerages may be experiencing. Our firm has been paperless for some time and hosts open houses at an owner’s request while taking necessary precautions. We were quick to take advantage of virtual home tours, online paperwork and signatures, and our team continues to safely work from home. We are grateful to have a team that has a drive to constantly grow and improve, because of this we have been able to set ourselves apart in being the most knowledgeable in the industry!
For Mark Spain Real Estate, we have relied on video or virtual tours for nearly all of our listings. The timing for this could actually not be better! Potential homebuyers have increasingly been relying on professional photos and virtual tours to narrow down their options. Now, they are able to do so all from the safety of their current residence. Virtual tours are on the rise, and we will continue to utilize this feature in the future. This feature has allowed us to reach a broader audience more conveniently while keeping everyone safe in the process!

Mark Spain Real Estate Listing and Sales Activity Outpaces National Trend

Our company had an all-time record month in March for new listings, even with U.S shelter in place guidelines. In April, Mark Spain Real Estate’s number of new listings was up 10 percent over pre-COVID-19 rates! We are so thankful to have been able to reach our clients goals in the most precedented times.
“At the end of the day, it still boils down to having an amazing team of agents and staff to make all the various moving parts come together,” explained founder and CEO Mark Spain. “And customer service, coupled with ongoing training, have always been hallmarks of our company. Now, we are just using our expertise to serve others remotely.”
At Mark Spain Real Estate, we continue to see growth and activity even during these unprecedented times. Our team is committed to delivering the best client experience. Rest assured you will be in good hands to buy or sell a home confidently with us! Give us a call or click here to learn more about us.

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