Our Client Experience: Brad’s Successful Sale

Our Client Experience: Brad’s Successful Sale

Our Client Experience: Brad’s Successful Sale

By Mark Spain Real Estate

At Mark Spain Real Estate, one of our core values is to remain client-focused. We are thankful to have been recognized as the most trusted name in real estate, ranking as the #1 team in the United States for the 3rd year in a row! You can trust us to serve you in reaching all of your real estate goals! Recently, our exclusive listing agent provided Brad with an unparalleled client experience while he reached his real estate goals.

We know each of our clients has different goals. For those looking to sell their home, learn more about the different selling programs we offer.

Brad’s StoryBrad reached his real estate goals with Mark Spain Real Estate.

Brad was wanting to sell a home he had been using as a rental property for the past three years. He decided to reach out to Mark Spain Real Estate after hearing an ad on television. He was still on the fence about whether to continue renting his home or to sell it and wanted to hear some valuable insight from an industry expert. After he spent some time discussing all of his possible listing options with one of our Exclusive Listing Agents, he decided to trust Mark Spain Real Estate with the sale of his home. Because our Market Listing Program ensures that our clients’ home is marketed to the largest potential audience, resulting in a maximization on their return of the investment, this was the perfect opportunity for Brad to say goodbye to renting and hello to selling!

Brad’s Selling Success: Reaching His Real Estate Goals

After putting his home on the market, Brad was able to successfully sell his home for over the list price! As a result of his successful sale and his unparalleled client experience, he was extremely satisfied. 

When we asked him about his experience using the Market Listing Program with Mark Spain Real Estate, he shared, “At first, I did not really know what to expect from this experience. However, my Exclusive Listing Agent brought it all together. We were a little skeptical about the process of placing our home on the market, but Mark Spain Real Estate’s encouragement and guidance led us in the right direction. Our Exclusive Listing Agent continuously informed us of each and every aspect of this journey. We have indulged in several conversations at oddball hours. Mark Spain Real Estate has labored above and beyond what I have ever expected. I appreciate and have developed a newfound respect for realtors because of my experience with Mark Spain Real Estate. If I ever have a need to sell or buy I will reach out to them. I thank my Exclusive Listing Agent for her strong will and continuing efforts to uphold her commitment to the sale of this home. Thanks again!”

About the Market Listing ProgramBrad reached his real estate goals with Mark Spain Real Estate.

Mark Spain Real Estate’s Market Listing Program is one of our many selling programs that our clients can choose from when deciding to sell their home. This particular program allows our clients to sell their homes through a more traditional approach and is a great option for those looking to maximize their return on investment. While our Guaranteed Offer Program provides sellers with the opportunity to close in as little as 21 days and receive a competitive all-cash offer, the Market Listing Program provides homeowners the time to secure the full asking price on their home. Oftentimes, our clients receive even more than the asking price when choosing the Market Listing Program. On average in 2020, Mark Spain Real Estate’s market listings sold for 98% of market value, which is 7% above the market average! 

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