Reggie’s Exceptional Market Listing With The #1 Team

Reggie’s Exceptional Market Listing With The #1 Team

Reggie’s Exceptional Market Listing With The #1 Team

By Mark Spain Real Estate

Having served over 33,000 satisfied clients and received more than 6,000 five-star reviews, as of 2022, we are more than confident that we are the brokerage most fit to take on your real estate goals this spring! We value relationships over transactions and put our core values at the heart of all that we do.

Reggie and his wife were ready to begin the process of selling their home in an Atlanta suburb. The Market Listing Program involves listing your home the traditional way, which was ultimately what Reggie and his wife decided would be the best approach. They are so thankful to have chosen Mark Spain Real Estate to handle the process from start to finish! 

Our clients come to our team with all kinds of real estate goals, and we are so grateful to offer multiple programs to meet everyone’s needs. Head over to our website to read more about these different options!

Reggie’s Story

Reggie’s Exceptional Market Listing With The #1 TeamReggie and his wife have been living in their current home for over a decade, and they were simply ready to relocate. The next destination had not been decided on yet, but they were eager to sell their home as soon as possible – no problem for Mark Spain Real Estate!

Reggie originally saw a commercial for Mark Spain Real Estate be shown on a local television channel. He soon picked up the phone and gave us a call! He told us he was looking for an agent who would make this process a priority, as this move was the first one they have taken on in quite some time. 

Upon learning more about Reggie and his wife’s goals, an appointment was set up with one of our experienced Exclusive Listing Agents! Our agents are local, experienced, and completely dedicated to delivering an unparalleled client experience, which was exactly what Reggie was seeking. 

Reggie’s Exclusive Listing Agent assured them that they had chosen the right brokerage for this job. The selling options available at Mark Spain Real Estate were thoroughly explained to the couple, and they decided to sell their home with our Market Listing Program. It best suited their real estate goals!

Reggie’s Market Listing Program Experience With The #1 Team In The US

Even after being unsure about listing their home at the beginning of this process, Reggie and his wife’s selling experience was unparalleled!

With the help of their amazing Exclusive Listing Agent, they were able to successfully sell the property quickly and for more than 103% of the originally listed price! Reggie is extremely satisfied that he had trusted our team to get the most value for their home.

When we asked Reggie about his selling experience, he shared, 

“Our Exclusive Listing Agent is THE BEST!! 4 weeks ago she was sitting in my office sharing her experience and advice with regard to listing my house versus only exploring cash offer options. Well…. today (again I mention in roughly 4 weeks), we closed on our home. And not to mention, she is truly an amazing agent and person. Thank you Mark Spain Real Estate for the best experience!.”

Reggie’s Exceptional Market Listing With The #1 TeamOur team at Mark Spain Real Estate can guarantee effective communication throughout the process, no matter how big or small your goals may be. We are grateful to provide options knowing that each of our clients has differing real estate goals!  For those looking to sell their home, please visit our blog to learn more about the different selling programs we offer.

About The Market Listing Program

For clients who are looking to sell their home the traditional way, this is the perfect program! Our clients can rest assured that they are in the most trusted hands, as we have been named the most trusted residential real estate team. 

You will be guided by your agent from the beginning of the transaction to the very end at the closing table. You will receive maximum exposure with the combination of advanced marketing and highly trained professionals.

At Mark Spain Real Estate, we use a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) to list homes with our Market Listing Program. This gives a real-time snapshot of market conditions and shows homes that are similar!

On average, our homes sell for 98% of the listing price, which is 7% above market average! The market is currently in a seller’s market, driving up prices through competition. We are proud to continuously provide the most competitive prices in spite of these market conditions. We are grateful to have sold over 5.4 billion and to have grown over 266% in the last 5 years. 

To learn more about our traditional Market Listing Program and to view our listing, click here

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