Relocating: Easy Steps for a Stress-Free Move

Relocating: Easy Steps for a Stress-Free Move

Relocating: Easy Steps for a Stress-Free Move

By Mark Spain Real Estate

Moving into a new house is not always a piece of cake and it is especially difficult if it is your first time. There are a number of time-consuming and exhausting tasks to be done before relocating, but no need to worry because Mark Spain Real Estate has made the perfect little checklist for you to follow. Keep these things in mind while planning and making the move, and it will all be a smooth and easily manageable process!

Is your company genuine?

When you are looking for a moving company to hire, make sure that you go through the review process before finalizing your choice. Your moving company should be licensed, insured and trustworthy. They should also have consistent, strong reviews or come highly recommended by someone you know personally. How to check? Utilize these resources to do a background check:


Are you aware of the new home’s dimensions?

Remember to check the blueprint of the new house before you move. How much interior space do you have, what are the measurements of your furniture, how will you arrange your things in the new house, will everything fit?

Answering these questions before you make the move can help prevent any unexpected problems later. For example, avoid broken hearts and broken budgets when the dresser you expected to use in the master bedroom doesn’t fit up the stairwell!

Have you transferred the utilities and other services before your move?

Make sure that a month or two before you start moving, you get in touch with your utility service providers (electric, gas, cable, internet service and security system providers). Confirm the disconnect and the reconnect/installation dates with them. Ensure that they have fully understood that you are relocating and that your new address has been correctly registered. You may also need to inform your pharmacy  and any other service providers that you use, too. This may also be the perfect time to renegotiate a cheaper plan with your cable/internet provider or switch carriers altogether.

Have you checked the non-allowable list?Mark Spain Real Estate simplifies your move

Every moving company has a list of specific items that they don’t move for you. They usually include the likes of alcohol paints, cleaning solvents, fire extinguishers, pesticides, aerosol cans and so on. Make sure that you review that list before you hire the company.

Have you changed your address?

You don’t want to miss out on important letters, bills and packages when you are moving! Make sure that you update your mailing address (including billing and subscription addresses) and forward your mail before you relocate.

Use the time between going under contract and your closing date to make a list of everyone who sends you mail. You can select the date on which you want to start receiving mail at your new home at Don’t forget to cancel automated services, as well. If moving to a new state, you would also need to get a new driver’s license, register your vehicle and inform your car insurance company about the new address.

Have you organized all your boxes correctly?

Make the relocating process hassle-free by putting legible labels on each of your boxes. You can label them according to the type of things or the rooms which they belong to (e.g. ‘bathroom’). Label each box on multiple sides so movers know where that box goes, regardless of how it was packed.

Most importantly, the fragile items need to be marked so that they don’t get damaged during the journey. Make sure that you use the correct moving supplies. The boxes should be specific for the material, must be in good shape and might need professional packing. Also, look into any specific needs if you have pets, plants and so on.

Have you done your homework?

Make sure that you have done your homework regarding schools, healthcare providers, pharmacies and other important places in your new neighborhood before moving. Find out the best self-storage unit options, if you need one. Information about eateries, salons, parks, hardware stores and other such places may also be useful to gather beforehand.

Apart from this, make sure that you have left the previous home in a good condition: clean and with all the maintenance tasks completed so that the next owners don’t feel inconvenienced. Similarly, for your new house, you should be sure that it is clean, in good shape and has new locks (and toilet seats!).

If you take care of these important things at the right time, moving will be a smooth, enjoyable and exciting process. Now you can send out a moving announcement and prepare to settle down and enjoy your new home. Best of luck and happy moving!

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