Seasonal Impacts On The Real Estate Market

Seasonal Impacts On The Real Estate Market

Seasonal Impacts On The Real Estate Market

By Mark Spain Real Estate

Tomorrow morning, Groundhog Day, will bring back the most-watched weather forecast of the year as a groundhog predicts an early spring or six more weeks of winter based on the visibility of his shadow. 

While Phil, the trusty groundhog, has wrongly predicted the weather many times, our team at Mark Spain Real Estate prides itself on remaining the most knowledgeable in our industry so that we can best serve our clients. We do everything we can to get the real estate market right every time.

While many factors can shake the real estate market, seasonal changes can impact it more than people think. The seasonality of a market changes from location to location, and it can become confusing as many factors play into how the housing market is functioning.

The increasing impacts of climate are becoming more prevalent in the reasons behind when, how, and where people are investing in real estate.

Seasonal Impacts On The Real Estate Market

Cold Weather Impacts

People are generally less active in the housing market when it is cold out. It can be a challenge to sell a home during the winter months, but it is never impossible with a team like ours at Mark Spain Real Estate.

Especially in areas that experience inclement weather, such as frequent ice and snow, it can be that much harder to physically travel to prospective home and envision it with beautiful, blooming trees and flowers. Cold weather means more people are staying indoors and attending fewer open houses.

Also, the holiday season keeps people busy, pushing real estate goals to the bottom of the priority list. Therefore, people may have to lower the price of the home to make a sale during these months or wait until more prosperous spring months. 

However, people looking to sell during this time of year tend to be more serious about moving on to the next step as they avoid the competitive atmosphere that tends to come with the warmer months. Less competition for buyers means a greater chance of securing a home at an appealing price. It can be a win-win to enter the real estate market in the winter months!

Warm Weather Impacts

Seasonal Impacts On The Real Estate MarketThankfully, the cold days are soon to be behind us as we begin to look toward the future and prepare for what the next season may bring.

Spring and summer are by far the busiest times of the year for real estate. Warm weather brings people outside and entices them to become active again in their community. Therefore, people may be more apt to see homes for sale and place competitive offers as more houses tend to be on the market during these months.

Nicer weather tends to emphasize a home’s best features as well. Yards look more appealing, pools seem more tempting, and inside rooms are well-lit by natural sunlight. In warmer months, homes do not stay on the market longer than 30 days, so it is important to make it known when you are interested in a home!

The warm weather holidays also invite more houses to the market. Homes tend to get added to the market after major summer holidays, such as Memorial Day, Fourth of July, and Labor day. 

Also, families with children will be looking to settle down by the end of the summer so that their children are ready to start school comfortably.

As made evident, the real estate market changes with the seasons, but our team at Mark Spain Real Estate is prepared for it all. We are thankful to begin to see the market heat up again as some of our coldest days are behind us. Despite the winter months being notable for slower market trends, our agents were lucky to experience great success

Deciding what time of the year to enter the market is just the beginning, and our experienced professionals at Mark Spain Real Estate would be grateful to serve you in reaching your real estate goals.

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