Should I Sell My House in the Spring or the Summer?

Should I Sell My House in the Spring or the Summer?

Should I Sell My House in the Spring or the Summer?

By Mark Spain Real Estate

Like the weather, real estate trends fluctuate as the seasons change. However, the transition from spring to summer sees less drastic changes than other seasonal shifts, making it sometimes difficult to answer the question, “Should I sell my house in the spring or summer?”

When listing your home for sale, it’s important to know how each season could work in your favor. By working with an experienced professional at Mark Spain Real Estate, you can strategically organize your selling timeline and reap all the benefits of spring or summer sales. So, while you can’t go wrong with selling your home in the spring or summer, you may find one better suited for your real estate goals. Read below to learn more about the differences between selling a home in the spring and summer. 

Should I Sell My House in the Spring or the Summer?

Why Should I Sell My House in the Spring?

Generally, spring is considered the best time to sell a home. Spring often sees peak buyer demand, especially among families looking to secure a home and make moving arrangements before school gets out. With such a large buyer pool, spring is an excellent time for sellers looking to maximize their profit, as buyers will extend higher offers to outbid the competition. However, it’s important to note that spring sees competition across the board. With increased home inventory, you should consider your seller competition before aiming too high with your asking price.If you're asking yourself, "Should I sell my house in the Spring?" Consider the improved curb appeal this time of year.

Along with higher profitability, spring also allows sellers to make stronger first impressions with buyers. With flowers blooming and the sun on full display, optimizing your curb appeal in spring conditions is much easier than in other seasons. Not to mention, spring also makes for ideal moving weather. While the winter may bring snow or ice and the extreme summer heat, spring allows for a more enjoyable moving experience as temperatures are much more moderate. However, spring also sees higher rates among moving companies. 

Why Should I Sell My House in the Summer?

Like spring, summer also presents several favorable conditions for sellers and buyers alike. Curb appeal is still high, and longer, sunnier days make for ideal home showings and open houses. By summer, most of the spring listings will have sold, and the ones that haven’t will be overpriced, giving summer sellers a leg up. Not to mention, pricing a home in the summer tends to be easier, as sellers can use data from the spring to see what buyers will pay for comparable listings and determine their home’s worth. If you're asking yourself, "Should I sell my house in the Spring?" Consider the eager buyers this time of year.

While summer reaps similar advantages to spring, it also has some drawbacks. In most regions, summer has scorching temperatures, which can often prevent buyers from making moving arrangements. Summer can also see a slight drop in buyer demand, as buyers are more likely to be out of town throughout the summer. And lastly, summer can also cause struggles for sellers with children, as it becomes harder to keep your home clean while children are out of school. 

The Bottom Line

At the end of the day, when you choose to sell your home is based on your individual readiness. Setting seasons aside, several personal factors go into selling a home, from lifestyle changes to emotional preparedness. Ultimately, selling a home should revolve around your personal timeline, regardless of whether that aligns with the seasons. At Mark Spain Real Estate, our seasoned listing agents will help you sell your home when you’re ready to start that next chapter. Regardless of the season, our team will implement top-performing selling strategies to make your sale successful. 

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