Start Early and Sell Your Home in the Spring

Start Early and Sell Your Home in the Spring

Start Early and Sell Your Home in the Spring

By Mark Spain Real Estate

Spring is here and the market is hot! Not only does spring bring in eager homebuyers who hope to buy in time to settle before the school year, but the market is on fire right now! Sell your home in the spring, get your home on the market early to avoid stress and make it a great experience.

Spring is a great time to sell your home; the grass is green again, flowers are blooming, and open houses are more fun in the warm weather. At Mark Spain Real Estate, our average time on market when selling a home is just 30 days. However, no matter how quickly a home sells, getting it ready always takes longer than you think. So, start the process early. Here are 5 tips to remember when you begin the process of selling your home.


1. Find the Right Agent for You

This first step to selling your home in the spring is vital. It is worth it to take a little extra time on the front end to find someone who meets your wants and needs and compliments your personality; this will save you time later in the process. This transaction may be one of the biggest you make in your life – take extra care in researching reviews and interviewing agents to make sure you find someone you can grow to know, like and trust.

Sell Your Home in the Spring


2. Pricing to Sell Your Home to Sell in the Spring

Everyone wants to sell a home quickly and at the highest price possible. But let’s face the facts: homes that stay on the market longer tend to sell at lower prices. The trick is figuring out the best price without overpricing your listing.

Many homeowners are making the mistake of overpricing their homes. Although many homeowners believe overpricing leaves room for negotiation, buyers are impatient and shy away from the idea of several rounds of negotiation. In addition, overpriced homes lower the possibility of multiple offer situations and bidding wars. On average, after two months on the market, homes sell for 5% less than the original listing price. Instead of jumping to overpricing your home, take time to talk to your agent and come up with a suitable price you both agree on.

3. Make It Shine!

You want your home to be spotless. Granted, it is completely fine to keep plates and cups organized in a cabinet, but you do not want messy clothes and wires shoved into closets. The messier the closet, the smaller it looks, so clear your storage spaces out as much as possible to allow buyers to see your home’s full potential. Take time to strategically lay out what you want each room to include and make sure that every room has an evident purpose. Not only will this help potential homebuyers imagine themselves in your home, but the photography will be better!

4. Hire Professionals

Even if it takes a week longer than you have in mind, your home will sell faster if that professional touch is evident. You also don’t want to try to do a rush job on the front end and then have to retouch and hire others later on after an inspection, thus taking even more time than it would have if you just hired professionals to sell your home in the spring.

This is also vital when getting photos of your home. No matter what price you sell your home, it is worth spending a little extra on professional photography. Nine out of ten buyers now use online resources to find their home. If your pictures do not draw them in, they will skip right over you. Fabulous photos will give you a huge return on investment.

5. Play Up the Best Features

Take a moment to really think about the features of your home, the neighborhood you live in, and the surrounding area and amenities. Think about what first drew you into buying your home and make sure your agent adds your favorite features to the remarks and marketing material. Chances are, what drew you in will draw in other potential buyers as well.

With the spring warm weather, make sure to play up outdoor features. Whether you have a deck, pool, patio, tree swing, gorgeous woods or level backyard, make it known! It is important potential buyers are able to imagine themselves in your home, so play up those special features!

By taking a little extra time on the front end, you are guaranteed to have a more seamless process in the sale of your home. Ask questions and get them answered early, take time to make your home pristine, and choose to work with a team you can trust. Start early and follow these steps and in no time you’ll have offers flying in to get your home sold!

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