4 Tips to Sell Your Home This Halloween

4 Tips to Sell Your Home This Halloween

4 Tips to Sell Your Home This Halloween

By Mark Spain Real Estate

Spooky season has arrived! Mark Spain Real Estate has compiled the top four tips to sell your home without scaring potential buyers away! Selling in the fall can be tricky, which is why we give our clients the tools they need to sell their homes easily and stress-free. Continue reading to gather our top tips to sell your home this Halloween. 

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Top Tips to Sell Your Home This Halloween

Decorate for the SeasonTips to sell your home this Halloween

What is the first thing you think to do when October rolls around? Decorate your home! One of the most fun activities during the holiday season is to decorate and personalize your home for each season. Halloween decorations typically center around spooky ghosts, goblins, witches, and spiders. Many families go all out and try to make their home the scariest on the block! However, when selling a home, scary decorations are not very likely to attract potential buyers! 

Elaborate, spooky decorations can distract from the true beauty of the home. This is why you should decorate your home for the season of fall. In moderation, add pumpkins on your porch, fall leaves and flowers in vases, and pumpkin spice scents throughout the home. This will make your home feel warm and inviting!

Additionally, when having open houses, place a basket of candy on your counter so the potential buyers feel warm and welcome. This is also a great way to grab their attention and make them remember your home!

Take Pictures of Your Home Before Decorating

When selling a home, how you decorate can play a big role in grabbing the attention of potential buyers. Over-personalizing your home makes it hard for the buyer to visualize themselves living in the home. Decorations and, blow-ups take away from the true essence of the home. 

This is why you should take pictures of your home before you decorate. Doing so will allow the potential buyer to see how the house looks the majority of the year instead of when it is decorated during the holidays. Pictures of your home are usually the first thing anyone sees before they make the decision to come to a showing. Because of this, it is important to set the home up for success so you can leave a lasting positive impression on potential buyers.

Tell Your Neighbors You are Moving

Marketing plays a big role in selling a home, which is why selling your home with Mark Spain Real Estate is important. Mark Spain markets your home where buyers are looking! You can also help get the word out that you are moving by sharing the news with your neighbors, and Halloween is the only time of year when most of your neighbors will come to your door on the same night. 

Be FlexibleHow to sell your home this Halloween with Mark Spain Real Estate

Selling a home in the fall can be daunting, and buying during the holiday season is not ideal for many. On the bright side, if someone is selling or buying a home during this season, it is most likely because they have to! So the process will be more streamlined. The holiday season can be very busy, so beware that you may have cancellations and need to adjust schedules or provide options for the buyer to avoid any issues.

Mark Spain Real Estate would be grateful to serve you in selling your home! We strive to deliver an unparalleled client experience. We provide options for our clients, knowing that each client has a different real estate goal. For more information, contact us today! 

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