Smart Reasons To Sell Your Home This Winter

Smart Reasons To Sell Your Home This Winter

Smart Reasons To Sell Your Home This Winter

By Mark Spain Real Estate

Below, you will find reasonings behind why you should sell your home this winter! If you’re looking to sell your home, the winter is the perfect time to do so. Mark Spain Real Estate has been named the most trusted residential real estate firm. Our core values set us apart, and aid us in delivering an unparalleled client experience to help you reach your real estate goals! Interested in selling your home this winter? Contact Mark Spain Real Estate today!

Smart Reasons to Sell Your Home This Winter

Less Competition

Since Spring is generally the most popular time to sell a home, try selling in the winter! The housing market experiences less inventory in the cold months. With less inventory for buyers to choose from, this means less competition for you as a seller!

There are fewer homes for sale in the winter, making this an ideal time to list your home on the market. In fact, sources say that January is one of the best times for homes to go under contract in the Atlanta market! Less competition also means that buyers may not be able to negotiate better terms, meaning you could get your full asking price or higher! January brings new beginnings with the new year for many, so selling in the new year will be a great change and smart financial decision coinciding the declined competition bringing less room to negotiate for buyers.

Serious Buyers

The winter months bring in the most serious home buyers. With more down time for buyers, they are able to do intense searching for their dream home. This is the time when buyers are seriously looking to make a purchase, and not just window shopping. Since the ideal time to buy is in the spring, you can trust that a buyer needing to move during the busy holiday months is When buyers find a home they like, they have to snag it before it’s gone, considering the high competition between buyers when there’s low inventory.

Financial Stability

With many people experiencing year end bonuses and payouts, buyers may have more money to spend on a home. This is an opportunity for buyers to find their dream home, and even splurge on upgrades or increase their spending budget! The terms might be less negotiable due to less competition, so increased financial stability of the buyer works in your favor!

Showing Your Home in the Winter

The winter months are the perfect time to show your home’s readiness for the harsh elements. For example, showcasing the working condition of the heater and fireplace during a home showing, or emphasizing the new roof! With more downtime during this season, buyers are able to do more in person home showings to get a better feel of the home as well.

Do these reasons make you want to sell your home in the winter? If so, contact us today and start packing!

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