A Seller’s New Year’s Resolutions – How To Make A Home Marketable This Year

A Seller’s New Year’s Resolutions – How To Make A Home Marketable This Year

A Seller’s New Year’s Resolutions – How To Make A Home Marketable This Year

By Mark Spain Real Estate

The turn of the year is everyone’s favorite time to start doing the things they have always wanted to do. In addition to making better lifestyle choices in January, homeowners should start making their homes marketable if they are getting ready to make a move.

While the task of making a home marketable may seem daunting, there are plenty of easy ways to get your home on the right track. Determined homeowners best succeed when they do what needs to be done to make their homes stick out amongst others on the market.

Mark Spain Real Estate has compiled some ideas to get you started on the undertaking of making your home marketable this year. No matter how big or small your real estate goals may be, our experienced team of professionals is ready to serve you.

How To Make A Home Marketable in 2022

Increase Your Home’s Curb Appeal

The first things you notice about other people’s homes are the same things that potential buyers look for when they see your property. With that in mind, a buyer’s first impression can make or break a deal.

It is important as a homeowner to keep your yard in great condition regardless of the season. Keep your lawn mowed at regular intervals during the time your home is on the market. Whether you mow the lawn yourself or a landscaping service takes on the task, consider mowing the grass at an angle to make your home stick out. Keep your lawn watered and fertilized.

Also, when the weather allows, plant flowers that will brighten up your home’s appearance. Replace any flowers or shrubs that are left from last season with fresh ones in preparation for spring.

Be sure to remove any miscellaneous items that may be on your front porch. A front door can be spruced up by adding a simple, yet eye-appealing wreath or a piece of greenery. Don’t forget a clean doormat!

As you can see, minor improvements can do wonders for curb appeal! 

Do A Thorough Cleaning

You don’t have to wait until spring to do a much-needed, thorough cleaning of your home.

Keep your home in show-worthy condition by cleaning dusty tables and dirty countertops. In order to maintain cleanliness the whole time your home is on the market, try to vacuum daily, wax the floors often, and keep the bathrooms clean.Make Your Home Marketable

Also, clean the places where you think a potential homebuyer would look. For example, a kitchen is an important selling point for many buyers, so they may open up the refrigerator or pantry. Make sure these spots are clean and organized.

Most people do not think about what cooking an odorous meal can do before showings. Avoid cooking foods with strong smells before any showings, such as meals with fish and garlic. Use subtle candles and air fresheners to make the common areas smell their best!

Declutter Your Home

It is no secret that items can pile up for years without us even noticing that we haven’t used them in a while. Now is a great time to go through old boxes and discard those that you do not intend to ever use or look at again.

If you choose to discard items in a useful way, consider donating them to charity or nonprofit organizations such as the Salvation Army or Goodwill.

Items that are not accepted at these locations can be hauled away from your town’s pick-up service, which is usually scheduled once or twice a month.

For the mementos that you decided to keep, make sure they are tucked away in small boxes that fit in a closet or in a space that is out of sight from potential homebuyers.

Make Necessary Repairs

Make Your Home Marketable Today

Lastly, one of the most profitable home improvements to make before selling your home is to make some of those little repairs that you have put off for another day. Think “big picture” when it comes to assessing what features of your home could use some repairs. 

Focus on the problems that could stick out to a potential homebuyer, such as faded paint, outdated lighting fixtures, and torn screens on windows. You don’t have to spend lots of time or money on these projects – just pick a few DIY home improvements that can yield big returns!

Buyers want a home that looks like it has been taken care of, so it is a great idea to go ahead and fix some things that may stick out while it is on the market.

By taking the time to do some of these easy projects, there is a higher chance that you will see a quicker sale with more return on your investments. Our experienced team at Mark Spain Real Estate looks forward to working with you in the selling of your home this year!

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