Our Client Experience: Selling Hassle-Free

Our Client Experience: Selling Hassle-Free

Our Client Experience: Selling Hassle-Free

By Mark Spain Real Estate

Selling hassle-free is our goal at Mark Spain Real Estate! With a Guaranteed Offer, you can sell your home fast and receive a competitive cash offer, all while completely bypassing the market!

At Mark Spain Real Estate, we value relationships over transactions. Our clients always come first, and our job isn’t finished until their goals have been reached. We are grateful to have served over 25,000 satisfied clients. Because of them, we have remained the #1 team in the US for the 4th year in a row!

Our client, Keith, was ready to sell his rental property and chose to sell his home using our Guaranteed Offer program. He was able to sell his home fast and receive a competitive cash offer for 100% of his home’s market value! 

We are grateful to provide options, knowing that each of our clients has different real estate goals!  For those looking to sell their home, visit our blog to learn more about the different selling programs we offer.

Keith’s StoryWe make selling hassle-free our goal at Mark Spain Real Estate.

After more than 5 years, Keith decided it was time to sell his rental property. He was interested in selling hassle-free and quickly! One day while on a drive, he came across one of our Guaranteed Offer billboards and decided to give us a call! He was very interested in the possibility of a streamlined sale and was wanting to learn more. From there, he was able to set up an appointment with one of our Exclusive Listing Consultants! 

Once Keith met with our highly trained and experienced Exclusive Listing Consultant, he was presented with all of the listing options we offer and free comparative market analysis! He was impressed with all the options we provided and our dedication to serving our clients in reaching their goals.

Because the Guaranteed Offer program makes selling hassle-free easy, he decided this program was the perfect way to reach his real estate goals! Keith was thankful for the opportunity to experience a streamlined sale and to begin this next chapter of his life!

Keith’s Guaranteed Offer Experience – Selling Hassle-Free

Keith’s Guaranteed Offer experience was unparalleled! He sold his home quickly and received an all-cash offer for over 100% of his home’s market value! Keith was extremely thankful he had chosen to sell their home using our Guaranteed Offer program.

When we asked about their Guaranteed Offer experience, Keith shared,

“Mark Spain Real Estate was Awesome! From the first phone call to the closing table, my Exclusive Listing Consultant was great to work with and very professional. They always answered texts and calls right away and made sure the ball kept rolling up until closing. Thank you Mark Spain Real Estate!”

About the Guaranteed Offer ProgramSelling hassle-free

Mark Spain Real Estate’s Guaranteed Offer allows homeowners to skip the stress that comes with traditionally listing a home. The program offers the ability to bypass the market with no showings and no open houses! Additionally, homeowners can receive a competitive cash offer and close in as little as 21 days.

We understand each of our clients has different real estate goals. Because of this, we provide our clients with different selling programs to meet their real estate goals.

Looking to sell your home or buy in sought-after top markets? Mark Spain Real Estate is grateful to serve you. Contact us today!  We serve all of Metro Atlanta and Athens in Georgia, Charlotte and Raleigh in North Carolina, Orlando, Tampa, and Jacksonville in Florida, and Nashville in Tennessee!

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