Selling Your Home During Halloween

Selling Your Home During Halloween

Selling Your Home During Halloween

By Mark Spain Real Estate

Selling your home during Halloween, or any holiday season can have a multitude of advantages. You can tailor your home to be listed and catch the attention of qualified home buyers with high attention to detail. Mark Spain Real Estate strives to be the most trusted name in the residential real estate industry so you can feel confident working with your agent! Continue reading to learn more about how you can sell your home during Halloween. 

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Selling Your Home During Halloween allows you to decorate with more simplistic decorations

Selling Your Home During Halloween 

Decorating For The Halloween Season

Decorating your home during any holiday season while selling can be tricky because you want to highlight your home in the best possible way. When selling your home during Halloween, we recommend that you take professional photos of your home before putting out your decorations.

This way, your home’s true potential will shine bright while being advertised online. You also will not want your home to be advertised with Halloween decorations during Thanksgiving or Christmas. 

When decorating your home for Halloween, we recommend veering toward neutral decorations and not decking your home out with witches, scarecrows, and ghosts. If you choose neutral decorations, like pumpkins, you will still be able to decorate your home without distracting potential buyers. For more ways on decorating your home, please read this blog

When selling your home during Halloween, you can have fun with your decorations by utilizing fall-scented candles like pumpkin spice, warm vanilla, and maple. Here are Bath and Body Works’ fall-scented candles. Your home will feel warm and inviting and leave a lasting impression on potential buyers viewing your home! You can also bake pumpkin cookies, muffins, and bread to leave out during showings. Another great way to leave a lasting impression on the home during the Halloween season is to leave a bowl of candy by the door with your Realtor’s business cards and branded content showcasing your home for potential buyers to take home! 

Trick-or-Treaters Can Be Potential Buyers Selling Your Home During Halloween means trick or treaters can be potential buyers

Selling your home during Halloween can be really beneficial, many people will be walking by your home with high traffic. When someone has moved to a new town and has not found their forever home yet, they may go trick-or-treating in sought-after neighborhoods to meet new people and see how the town interacts. Make sure your for-sale sign is in your front yard, your curb apparel is standing tall, and your decorations are highlighting your home in the best way possible! 

If you live in an area where trick-or-treating is not prominent, you could go to your local church’s trunk-or-treat. Here, you could bring printed copies of the advertisements for your home to ensure the word is spread that your home is for sale! Whether someone is looking to buy or knows someone looking to buy, your home will be top of mind. 

Mark Spain Real Estate is here to help you sell your home during Halloween and move to the next chapter of your life, easy and stress-free! We want you to focus on this season’s holidays with your family while we sell your home. For more information on Mark Spain Real Estate, please visit our website

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