Setting a New Year’s Resolution Plan for Success

Setting a New Year’s Resolution Plan for Success

Setting a New Year’s Resolution Plan for Success

By Mark Spain Real Estate

As we start 2023, this brings the time for all of us to start on setting a New Year’s resolution plan for success! January is the perfect time to set a plan in place to reach the goals that have been on your horizon. The key to keep in mind is to set achievable milestones so you can celebrate small victories along the way and ultimately reach your goal in the correct way. Mark Spain Real Estate has put together a list of steps to help with setting a new year’s resolution plan for success. Continue reading to learn more from the #1 team in the residential real estate industry!

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5 Steps to Setting a New Year’s Resolution Plan

Plan Time for Your GoalSetting a New Year's Resolution with Mark Spain Real Estate

The first step to creating a resolution plan is to determine what your work schedule and responsibilities look like to allow you to plan time for yourself and your resolution. Having a clear time-blocked schedule can help keep you on track to reach your goal while also staying focused on your current time commitments in your personal and professional life!

Check-In with Your Support System

Having a team of people behind you, supporting you can make a big difference when trying o reach a new goal! The typical new year’s resolution is a big aspiration we all have been wanting to achieve for a long time. So having people in your corner to keep you on track can be crucial! They can help remind you how much your goal means to you in times of doubt, while also celebrating the wins along the way to make this time of year special! 

Prepare Resources

You should also determine if you have the physical resources to accomplish your goal! If you are trying to advance in your career in 2023, set up an organized calendar and goal sheet. There are several ways to use your resources to set your plan in motion for a successful goal.

Set Smaller Progress GoalsSetting a New Year's Resolution with Mark Spain Real Estate

This is a big one! By partitioning a big resolution goal into smaller process goals, you will be much more successful because the resolution goal does not look so immense. For example, by breaking down your goal into weekly progress checks, your plan will seem much more achievable and eliminate a lot of stress surrounding this time. 

Celebrate Your Success

One of the reasons many people may not succeed in their New Year’s resolution is because they set a goal that may be so far in the future, they need regular check-ins that allow them to celebrate their successes along the way. To support your ultimate end goal, you should set up a frequent reward system that provides positive affirmation for achieving her smaller, process goals! 

The time spent in the planning and preparation steps will make a tremendous difference as you embark on starting and setting a New Year’s resolution journey. If you are a dedicated individual looking to serve clients in reaching their real estate goals and to be a part of our rapidly growing team, contact us today! We would be honored to serve you. 

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