Housing Guide to Selling a Home in 2024

Housing Guide to Selling a Home in 2024

Housing Guide to Selling a Home in 2024

By Mark Spain Real Estate

There’s never a right or wrong time to sell a home. Ultimately, deciding to put your home on the market will depend on your circumstances and needs. So, with a new year upon us, you might ask yourself: Should I sell my home in 2024? Luckily, our experts are here to help you make that decision. 

If you’re considering listing your home for sale in 2024, allow us to give you some insight. At Mark Spain Real Estate, our experts offer exclusive market insight to help you make informed decisions about selling your home. So, if you’re unsure whether 2024 is the right time to sell your home, check out what our experts have to say. Read below for steps to determine if you should sell your house in 2024. 

Should I Sell My Home in 2024? 

Observe Housing Market Predictions

If you anticipate selling a home this year, you’ll want to see what experts have to say about the 2024 housing market. Though these predictions are guaranteed to be accurate, they will give you a general idea of your market’s future selling landscape. When reading about real estate predictions, there are a few factors that will be especially crucial for selling a home, including:

Home Sales

As a prospective home seller, you’ll want to pay attention to home sales activity. In 2023, the market saw a slight decrease in home sales, as the National Association of Realtors reported a 15.4% decline. Luckily, things are looking to pivot in 2024. Experts predict home sales activity will increase in 2024 if mortgage rates don’t fluctuate. This is a good sign for you if you plan to sell a home!

Housing Inventory

Anticipated housing inventory will give you a glimpse into your competition for 2024. Housing inventory has remained low over the past few years, and experts predict little change this year. The best answer to the question "Should I sell my home in 2024?" is to assess housing inventory.They hope inventory will grow in some capacity as more home construction and existing homes enter the market. However, you still can expect minimal competition as far as other home listings go. 

Market Conditions

Due to the abovementioned low home inventory, the 2024 housing market will likelylean in sellers’ favor. Limited home supply and growing demand will cause buyers to pay more for homes. As a seller, you can expect multiple offers and bidding wars, given buyers’ limited options. 

Assess Your Timeline 

The ideal time to sell a home depends on your timeline. So, whether that means listing your home today or six months from now, it will always come down to your circumstances. You may have a new job requiring you to move across the country, or you and your partner are expecting a baby and need to upsize. Ideally, you won’t be in a time crunch and can wait for your circumstances to align with real estate trends. However, if you have no choice but to sell a home as soon as possible, the wise thing to do would be to hire an experienced real estate agent to help you get the job done. 

Hire a Real Estate Agent 

Whether you’re selling your home this year or ten years from now, a real estate agent will always help you make the right decisions. With unmatched industry expertise, your real estate agent will act in your best interest and help you determine the best time to list your home. At Mark Spain Real Estate, our agents tailor their services to your needs, taking time to understand your priorities, budget, timeline, and selling objectives. Hire a realtor to sell a home in the new year.Using this information, they will then develop selling strategies aligning with your personal real estate goals. So, though there is no perfectly correct answer to the question, Should I sell my home in 2024? A real estate agent will surely help you come close! 

Sell a Home in 2024 with Mark Spain Real Estate

If you want to sell your home in 2024, allow the Mark Spain Real Estate team to help you get the job done. With decades of industry experience, our professionals will help you exceed your real estate goals this year. Check out our Guaranteed Offer Program for the potential to receive a competitive cash offer on your home in only 21 days. Contact our agents today!

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