Showing Your Home During The Holiday Season

Showing Your Home During The Holiday Season

Showing Your Home During The Holiday Season

By Mark Spain Real Estate

The holiday season is in full swing, and there is so much to be cheerful about – holiday parties, family gatherings, gift shopping, and even selling your home! Believe it or not, the holiday season can be an enjoyable time to engage in selling and showing your home.

There tends to be less inventory in the housing market during this time of year, putting your house in a position to stand out to the series of buyers that enter the market.

At Mark Spain Real Estate, we know selling a home can be overwhelming. If you have decided to sell your home this time of year, Mark Spain Real Estate would be grateful to serve you in reaching your real estate goals by the end of the year.

We have gathered the top tips for showing your home during the holiday season! For more information on Mark Spain Real Estate, visit our website

Tips For Showing Your Home During The Holiday Season

Decorate With ClassHoliday Home Showing

In order for your home to appeal to buyers this time of year, use decorations as classy holiday accents that will not take away from your home’s best-selling features. The features that caught your eye when you were a buyer are most likely the same ones that will catch the next buyer’s eye, so give those features the spotlight they deserve!

Stray away from picking the tallest Christmas tree from the tree farm if you have beautiful, large living room windows and decorate your kitchen counter with something other than a full nativity scene that might take away from your kitchen’s appeal.

Decorate the fireplace with garland and stockings that hang from the mantle, and light candles with winter scents such as cedar. Keep your house clutter-free during showings as the holidays can bring extra items into your home.

Everyone appreciates holiday cheer, but make sure it is done simply and tastefully! If done correctly, potential buyers can imagine your house as their future home.

Take Professional Pictures

When it comes to marketing, the best thing you can do for your home is to get professional real estate photos taken. 

Schedule this photoshoot before the decorations go up. If your pictures depict holiday accents, it will show buyers how long your house has been on the market and give buyers a warped perception of what your house looks like the majority of the year.

Plan on hiring a professional photographer as soon as possible so you can start decorating for the holidays and enjoying all that the season has to offer!

Maintain The Exterior Of Your Home

With colder temperatures comes possible snow and ice, depending on where you live. If you are experiencing snowfall while hosting showings, shovel a safe path through any snow so that potential buyers are not in danger.

Maintain the exterior of your home as trees become bare and your home is more exposed. Clear any cobwebs, tend to your landscape, and even add some winter foliage, like poinsettias, on your porch!

Choose A Reliable Brokerage

Realtors Showing Homes

Our team at Mark Spain Real Estate is committed to serving our clients in their real estate goals regardless of the time of the year. You can count on us to continue serving you through the holiday season as we work to sell your home. 

We would be grateful to connect you with one of our Exclusive Listing Consultants who will go above and beyond to get your home sold while easing your stress so you can celebrate the season!

We are known to serve our clients’ in reaching their selling and buying real estate goals while delivering an unparalleled client experience. At Mark Spain Real Estate, we lead with a servant’s heart and put our clients first in all that we do.

Selling your home during the holiday might be 2021’s best gift!

With these holiday-showing tips, your home will be set up for success as we look forward to a new year full of new opportunities! Selling your home during the holiday might be 2021’s best gift. Mark Spain Real Estate is here to help you during any time of the year, contact us today!

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