Spring Clean: Tips for Cleanliness to Sell Your Home

Spring Clean: Tips for Cleanliness to Sell Your Home

Spring Clean: Tips for Cleanliness to Sell Your Home

By Mark Spain Real Estate

Spring cleaning when you are getting ready to move may seem like a silly idea, but doing so will show potential buyers how beautiful your home truly is! A thorough clean is highly recommended by our team of professionals here at Mark Spain Real Estate – do not settle for “clean enough.”

There is work to be done after the routine vacuuming, dusting, and scrubbing. Go above and beyond with these tips to make your home shine!

Spring Clean: Tips for Cleanliness to Sell Your Home

Do a Deep Clean Throughout Home

First and foremost, find a day that you have time to completely dedicate to deep cleaning your home from top to bottom – there is no getting around this one if you want to attract serious buyers! You probably tidy up the common spaces a few times a week, but this type of clean is next level. 

Spring Clean: Tips for Cleanliness to Sell Your HomeDraw your attention to those areas where you might overlook during these routine cleans. Think inside the microwave, behind the living room couch, on the ceiling fan blades, and under the sink. When home buyers are walking through homes that have piqued their interest, they will be peeking in these small areas that can be overlooked. 

Make sure windows are clean and the mirrors are sparkling. Polish the hardwood floors.  Spotless decor does wonders for a home’s appeal.

On top of cleaning for germ-prevention purposes, tidy up and organize as many spaces as you can!

Sift Through the Clutter

A common task on a spring clean to-do list is to sift through those crowded closets and drawers and decide what gets to stay and what needs to go. Set aside ample amount of time to pick items to sell from your closet that you have not worn in awhile, organize the office drawers, and throw away miscellaneous items that do not hold any importance to you. This task will make you feel a lot better about the space and will give interested home buyers a better idea of how much space your home truly has. 

In order for potential home buyers to best imagine themselves inhabiting your home, properly stow away anything that can distract them from what should actually have their attention, such as personal items. Personal clutter, such as toys, frames with family pictures, sticky notes with the grocery list, and your dog’s crate should be temporarily out of sight.

Don’t Forget the Aesthetics

Considered to be the optional final touches of a thorough spring clean, these efforts could be the game changers so take them seriously. For that “feel-good” effect once the house is spotless, set out pretty flowers that are in full bloom. A simple touch like this can warm up a space and work to help a potential home buyer feel like your property could check his or her last boxes.

Once bright flowers are in places such as the kitchen counter and the entryway, make the common spaces smell good by lighting seasonal candles or even baking cookies or a pie. These scents, whether they resemble clean and refreshing laundry or come from fresh desserts,  elicit warm emotions and feelings that home buyers will remember.  

Spring Clean: Tips for Cleanliness to Sell Your Home

As one last simple effort, have a cute doormat outside your front door and an umbrella stand for spring’s unpredictable weather. 

While you are on the porch, be sure to clean up clutter that can accumulate in this area.

There are also some additional projects we suggest taking on, as deemed necessary, that may require more time and/or money. Consider replacing or applying a fresh coat of paint to the front door. Clean and polish the door knob and don’t forget a seasonal wreath 

for added appeal. Also, look into replacing an old or damaged mailbox.

Mark Spain Real Estate strives to continuously grow and improve in all that we do! It is important to reflect and look back to look for ways of improvement. It is proven that working and living in a clean space provides less stress and enables you to be able to find things quicker! The organization of your home will clear your mind and is a great starting point for improvement! For more information and updates, visit our site!

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