How to Successfully Sell Your Home

How to Successfully Sell Your Home

How to Successfully Sell Your Home

By Mark Spain Real Estate

Mark Spain Real Estate is the #1 real estate firm in the U.S. acquiring the most knowledgeable realtors in the industry. Working with one of our Exclusive Listing agents will enable you to successfully sell your home! Our agents work full-time guiding their clients through an easy and stress-free sale so they can focus on moving to the next chapter of their life, hassle-free. 

Continue reading to learn how to successfully sell your home! At Mark Spain Real Estate, we offer various selling options to ensure your real estate goals are being met. Our selling programs include our Guaranteed Offer program, Market Listing program, and Accelerated Offer program. 

How to Successfully Sell Your Home 

Successfully sell your home with Mark leading you into successFinding The Right Realtor

Finding the right real estate agent for you and your family is important. Each relationship formed between the agent and the client is a personalized experience. When you have the right realtor to meet your needs, the selling experience will be 10x better. Defining your goals and what you expect is imperative from the gecko. If you and your agent are not directly aligned, it can create stress and tension in the future. At Mark Spain Real Estate, we lead with a servant’s heart and embody strong communication skills to ensure our clients remain at the forefront of our priority list. 

It is also necessary to have a realtor who is local and highly trained. At Mark Spain Real Estate, our agents are local to the area and undergo extensive training to ensure they are knowledgeable about the market to navigate you to successfully sell your home. The real estate industry is ever-changing and we strive to continuously grow and improve with the changes to remain the most trusted real estate firm in the industry! Additionally, your realtor will solely be focused on you and your home. Our Exclusive agents work on one side of the transaction and are backed by an internal team to ensure your home is sold. 

Pricing Your Home Right 

To successfully sell your home, your agent at Mark Spain Real Estate will conduct a Comparative Market Analysis to determine the price to set your home at. This will give you a real-time snapshot of market conditions and other homes similar to yours in your area. Your Exclusive Listing agent will work with you based on your selling goals to ensure your home is priced right to meet your needs. 

If your home is not priced correctly, you risk either losing money on your home or sitting on the market for longer than you should. This is another reason why finding the right realtor is important. There should be the utmost level of trust between you and your realtor to ensure you are successfully selling your home! 

Marketing Your HomeOur agents take the time to learn how to successfully sell your home by reading!

When listing your home with Mark Spain Real Estate, you will receive maximum exposure to potential buyers. The brokerage has a traditional marketing footprint through billboards, radio, and television advertisements, strong traffic to the page, paid Google ads on all our listings, 20 years of experience as of 2022 and reputation with strong brand recognition in the marketplace, and is the #1 most reviewed real estate company on Zillow in the US. We have trusted partners to ensure you are receiving the best service from the beginning of the transaction to the very end. 

Preparing for Photography 

To successfully sell your home, photography is a vital factor. The photos will be seen on the listing services, on our website, in flyers, and in other advertisements. It is important to highlight the top qualities of your home. When preparing for the pictures to be taken, make sure to put away all laundry, kitchen appliances, and dishes, mow the lawn, make the beds, and put away anything that may distract from the home’s true beauty. 

To allow for the potential buyer to really picture themselves in the home, remove all personal items such as family photos. Minimalistic decorating will allow for the potential buyers’ minds to run free and really visualize themselves in the home. Additionally, if it is the holiday season, refrain from super distracting decorations. It may throw someone off if there are Halloween decorations by the time Thanksgiving rolls around! Please view this blog for our top tips on decorating in the holiday season. 

Mark Spain Real Estate is here to ensure you successfully sell your home and start the next chapter of your life easy and stress-free! We are grateful to have served over 44,000 families as of 2022 and look forward to the opportunity to serve even more! To learn more about listing your home with us, please visit this blog!  

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