Summer Home Staging Tips

Summer Home Staging Tips

Summer Home Staging Tips

By Mark Spain Real Estate

The summer brings much to look forward to: hotter temperatures, adventure, and an abundance of real estate opportunities, and the real estate market shows incredible promise to both buyers and sellers during the summer months.

However, something that escapes a lot of sellers is strategizing their summer home staging. Staging is often a buyer’s most memorable impression of a home, and seasonality has a significant impact on what might entice buyers the most. Following the right summer home staging tips can help you pique the interest of some of the most eager buyers. At Mark Spain Real Estate, our experts know all the hottest summer home staging tips to ensure your home stands out. Read on to learn more about the trendiest home staging tips of the season.

Summer Home Staging Tips

summer home staging
Show Off Your Outdoor Areas

Summer is the undoubtedly the best season to spend time outdoors. Buyers looking for their dream home during the summer may envision themselves inviting people to enjoy the summer breeze in their new outdoor areas. If your home has outdoor spaces perfect for a summer hangout, show them off with some furniture delightfully arranged to entertain guests. Patios, porches, and decks are just a few of the outdoor areas worth showcasing, but don’t be afraid to get creative.

Let There Be Light

There’s no summer without sunshine. So, for optimal summer home staging, let natural light be the center of attention by ensuring enough of it enters your home. Illuminating a room or hallway with sunlight establishes a feeling of warmth and vitality, creating a positive connotation for  your prospects. Ensure your rooms remain bright and cheery; move around plants and furniture obstructing windows, or install lamps in poorly lit areas. Prospective buyers pay close attention to natural light, and they will likely remember the homes that have it and forget the ones that don’t. 

Cool Off

While the summer warmth can be inviting, it can also be uncomfortable. Potential buyers cannot focus on that if a home feels hot and stuffy. You’ll certainly want to turn on the AC, but it’s also advisable to run ceiling fans to keep air circulating properly. For exceptional summer home staging, you want your buyers to envision themselves as new owners, and you don’t want the memory of your home to have a negative connotation. 

Bright summer home staging

Stand Out With Color

Summer is an excellent time to be bold with strong accent colors and vivid design details. While neutrals are your best bet for walls, adding a pop of color with centerpieces and accent pillows can go a long way. Bright yellows, deep greens, and beautiful blues can brighten a space without much effort or investment. And don’t forget about the exteriors! A bright landscape can make buyers swoon. Colorful flowers, rich bushes, and green lawns are perfect for boosting curb appeal.

Summer Home Staging Tips Thanks to Mark Spain Real Estate

With some of the latest summer home staging tips, you will surely get good traction on your latest listing. But if you want to make the most out of your home-selling experience, place your trust in the experts at Mark Spain Real Estate. With our extensive market knowledge, we can ensure your home sells for top dollar. And if you’re interested in skipping the hassle of open houses altogether, our Guaranteed Offer Program may be just what you’re looking for; receive a competitive cash offer on your home in as little as 21 days. Contact our agents today!

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