Summer Marketing Tips and Trends

Summer Marketing Tips and Trends

Summer Marketing Tips and Trends

By Mark Spain Real Estate

In the residential real estate industry, summer means more than just warmer weather and sunshine! There are many different benefits including blue skies, outstanding curb appeal, and landscaping that can be used to our advantage when working to sell or buy a home. As an agent, focusing your marketing on the appeal of summer is a great way to keep your clients engaged with the current seasonal trends! Mark Spain Real Estate has put together a list of useful summer marketing tips that you can use to gear your social media to reflect all of the beautiful features of the upcoming months.

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Summer Marketing Tips Agents

Social Media Posts

Summer Marketing Tips and Trends

Marketing your listings on social media is a great way to increase the awareness of the home and bring in traffic. Being active on social media is important as 7/10 of adult Americans are on Facebook. If you want to dominate this summer and bring more potential buyers to your social media page, it is imperative to highlight the aspects of summer and what you can do to expand your marketing strategy. People are ready to get outside, and summer is known to be the most sociable and sellable season. There are a few tips on how you can boost your presence on social media in the summer months to become a more successful agent, like showing your viewers how enjoyable open houses and showings can be! Creating things like summer graphics is a way you can elevate your platform and bring more business to your real estate listings!

Highlight Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is at its peak during the summer. By taking advantage of this, you can use curb appeal to be the main selling point when trying to attract customers to a house that is up for sale. The flowers are in full bloom and the grass is at its greenest so the summer months are a time when you can use those aspects to help boost social media attraction. As a real estate agent, you can guide your clients through the process of selling their homes by helping them utilize their own curb appeal and landscaping to bring in as many home buyers as possible! This can make the selling process easier and more enjoyable for you and your client. 

Current Summer Trends

Summer Marketing Tips and Trends

Throughout the past few years, social media marketing has become a very prevalent aspect of all of our lives and this is a tool that can really elevate your career. Stay fresh and current and show how you can use your eye to have perspective on keeping client needs on the top of your mind. Your clients will become more engaged with your social media when you post the current summer marketing tips and trends going on in the residential market.  Some ideas might include how to stage your home in the summertime, the top summer real estate books to read, or fun summer spots or restaurants in the area of a new home! 

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Summer is a beautiful time of year, and is an excellent opportunity for an agent to reflect that through social media! Through the tips and trends that you just read about, we hope you put them to good use and boost your marketing to your advantage!

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