Team Culture at Mark Spain Real Estate-Top Rated Real Estate Firm

Team Culture at Mark Spain Real Estate-Top Rated Real Estate Firm

Team Culture at Mark Spain Real Estate-Top Rated Real Estate Firm

By Mark Spain Real Estate

At Mark Spain Real Estate, one of our core values is to promote a fun and supportive culture. Our team does this by constantly supporting and uplifting one another. We want our clients to see what our culture means to our team members, and how it helps us deliver an unparalleled client experience. 

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Team Culture

Culture is an important part of success in the workplace, and we wanted to highlight what our fun and supportive culture means to a variety of team members. We asked team members from different departments and offices to elaborate on how our company culture allows them to grow and thrive. Our number one priority is to provide you an unparalleled client experience, and this begins with a positive and encouraging team culture.

How has working at Mark Spain Real Estate impacted your life and career?Mark Spain Real Estate team culture is a key aspect to providing an unparalleled client experience

“Working at Mark Spain Real Estate for the past seven years has impacted both my life and career in such an amazing way. I have met wonderful people who have not only become great coworkers but developed into amazing friendships.

During my time here, I have had the opportunity to explore different roles within the company which has helped me grow professionally. I am fortunate to have great leaders that support me and I can confide in.” – Rebecca Kilbride, Investor Lead Administrator

I have learned so much from working at Mark Spain Real Estate. Working here has allowed me to grow and advance personally and professionally. I have learned some great lessons and techniques such as goal setting to the now and focusing on your “one thing”.

These concepts have bettered me as a person both personally and professionally. I am thankful for the leadership team’s book recommendations as well. I have enjoyed learning new concepts to constantly challenge myself to grow and improve, which is one of Mark Spain Real Estate’s core values!” – Hannah Shumate, Marketing Assistant

Why work at Mark Spain Real Estate?

“Mark Spain Real Estate has such a welcoming and inviting culture. Personally, it is the high level of loyalty, respect, and trust that Mark Spain Real Estate has in its employees. Work is never boring with our fun and positive environment.” – Rebecca Kilbride, Investor Lead Administrator

Team culture is an important part to every aspect of the client experience in every department.“Mark Spain Real Estate trains you to be the best of the best! No other brokerage better prepares you for this industry and once you begin working in the field it becomes evident. You are given the tools and support needed to assist your clients in achieving their real estate goals and the Mark Spain Real Estate brand alone markets itself.” – Starnisha Bodie, Stockbridge Exclusive Listing Agent

What makes Mark Spain Real Estate the best?

“The moment I walked through the doors for my first interview four years ago, the energy was palpable! There is a buzz, a vibe of activity that can’t be described, only felt. It’s the culture, the drive, the ambition, and the collaboration. It’s a belief that by working hard and investing in yourself and in your team – anything is possible.

The short answer is because we are the best. A visionary company that is able to pivot, shift and not be afraid to disrupt the industry. A leadership team who is committed to making not just our brokerage, but each individual better. We work hard at sharpening our skills to provide our clients with the most knowledgeable, the most experienced and the most dedicated agents. We have standards, expectations and hold ourselves accountable to the fundamentals we value. I wanted to be the best. I wanted to link arms with the best. Additionally, I wanted a place that would continually challenge me to be the best. That’s the Mark Spain Real Estate culture” – Sherron Lavender, Stockbridge Director of Sales

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