Team Spotlight: Brantley Evans

Team Spotlight: Brantley Evans

Team Spotlight: Brantley Evans

By Mark Spain Real Estate

Mark Spain Real Estate is fortunate to have team members, like Brantley Evans, who place the client experience at the top of their minds. We select the best of the best to join our team in order to deliver an unparalleled client experience. Our real estate agents bring extensive knowledge of the industry to the table and are able to serve our clients at the highest level. Brantley’s dedication to his clients is something we are thrilled to highlight!

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Serving Our Clients- Brantley Evans

Brantley Evans

Brantley Evans has been with Mark Spain Real Estate for over 2 years! During that time, he has served over 50 families. However, what is truly special about Brantley is his desire to add value to every client he interacts with! Brantley is passionate about serving others. This is shown in everything he does from hello to the closing table.

Recently, Brantley was able to help a client list his home he had been in contact with since 2018. Neither Brantley nor the client knew it would take that long, but Brantley was determined to be of service. When asked about his methods for serving his clients Brantley said:

“I am always searching for what I can do to help. I want to truly understand my client’s needs and motivations when I work with them. When you are coming from a place of helping and not selling, it goes a long way in serving others! When I am in contact with my clients, I always want to bring them value when I am reaching out. Whether it’s a quick update on the market, or even how quickly homes are selling in their area, I want them to stay well-informed! I have been very fortunate to have people who choose to work with me because of the value I bring to them!”

Brantley’s passion to serve our clients is why we love having him on our team. We cannot wait to see how he will continue to grow and how many families he will serve in 2020! We have no doubt that Brantley’s potential is consistently growing, and his will to succeed will drive him to further success! We are thankful to have him, and others of like-minds serve on our team. Brantley Evans is a rockstar agent and sets a great example, in and out of real estate!

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