Creative Ways to Thank Your Referrers

Creative Ways to Thank Your Referrers

Creative Ways to Thank Your Referrers

By Mark Spain Real Estate

At Mark Spain Real Estate, maintaining and sustaining the relationships we have formed is one of our top priorities, especially with our referrers! A creative and memorable thank you can be unforgettable for your referral and they are more likely to keep you in mind in the future. You want to be remembered in a positive light, and there are many small, but impactful, ways to do this. Mark Spain Real Estate has some tips on ways you can take the extra step and stand out from others. Continue reading to find out more creative ways to thank your referrer!

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Creative Ways To Thank Your Referrers

Creative ways to thank your referrer

Personally Thank your Referral

Sending your referral a personal handwritten note or card is one of the best ways to thank them for the help they have provided. You want to show how appreciative you are that they took the time and effort to recommend you to a potential client. Being punctual with these thank yous will emphasize how grateful you are for their services.  Most thank you notes are computer generated and not genuine. Be specific to the person you are writing to and to the point of making them feel appreciated. A short handwritten thank-you note makes the transaction more personal and meaningful to the referrer!

Appreciation Gift

Sending an appreciation gift to your referral is a simple and quick way to thank them and show your appreciation. Receiving a small gift can make them aware of the impact they had in referring someone to you. A great thing about this is that the more they feel noticed, the more likely they are to keep supporting you and referring others your way. The loyalty will go both ways! They will feel remembered and like you are thinking of them throughout the process of helping whoever they referred. This helps build a strong relationship of trust between you and your referrer!

Creative ways to thank your referrer

Keep Them Informed

After someone has made a referral, one thing you can do to assure them of their help is to keep them updated. You don’t have to give specific details or information, but giving a quick update to the referrer will make them feel greatly appreciated. They most likely will want to know how the interaction went and if there are going to be further steps. If something positive or successful comes from who they recommended, the referral will be confident in sending more potential clients to you in the future! People like to stay connected and informed!

Staying connected with and thanking your referrals is a way to build and maintain strong relationships. At Mark Spain Real Estate we strive to make others feel appreciated and thank them for any help they provide. Letting our referrer know that we are thankful and that they are thought of makes a difference in any future referrals they trust to send to us!

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