The Best Seasons to Make Home Improvements

The Best Seasons to Make Home Improvements

The Best Seasons to Make Home Improvements

By Mark Spain Real Estate

Home improvement projects can be daunting! These projects require advanced planning and can come with high costs. Figuring out when to take on these projects is a huge part of the planning process. Therefore, Mark Spain Real Estate has identified the best seasons to make these home improvements for you!

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Timing is Everything

Planning when to make home improvements is vital. If you get the timing right, then you will save time, frustration and maybe even a little money! Three major factors that drive the timing around certain home improvement projects are the cost of materials, the weather, and the availability of labor says a HomeAdvisor expert. Make sure to conduct careful research to find the right labor and the best prices. Mark Spain Real Estate partners with Johnny On It, a service that helps you coordinate your repairs or projects by sourcing vetted and trustworthy vendors!

Spring Home Improvements

Want to enjoy a new wooden deck or relax by your backyard pool for the summer? Deck and pool constructions are best to do at the start of spring so they will be completed just in time for the hot summer months!

It is also best to go ahead and upgrade your home air conditioner in the spring before that summer sweltering heat kicks in. Most HVAC specialists tend to get completely booked in the summer because homeowners realize its time for an upgrade when the weather finally reaches hot temperatures. Stay ahead of the game and book your HVAC upgrade appointment in the spring before the summer rush.

Cleaning out the gutters is another home improvement project that is perfect for early spring time. Gutters tend to weather down during the harsh winter months, so spring is a great time to clean them out or replace them. Make sure your gutters are properly cleaned out so you won’t have leakage problems down the road when the rainy spring season comes in full force.

Summer Home Improvements

Summer is great season to replace any old windows in your home that you might have. June and July are great months to tackle this project as manufacturers tend to cut their prices then, which saves you some money as well!

Any projects for your chimney and fireplaces should also be conducted during the summer. Most homeowners tend to wait until it gets cold to realize they need work done on their furnace. Don’t wait til winter and schedule this service for the summer!


home improvementsFall Home Improvements

The fall season marks the time that homeowners should start making home improvements to prepare for winter. You want to make your home is comfortable and cozy for winter, so make sure to caulk up any drafty areas or replace worn weather stripping.

This season is great time to also get a fresh new exterior paint for your home. There tend to be more skilled painters readily available during this season and the moderate fall temperatures are optimal for fresh paint.

A final ideal home improvement for the fall is lawn maintenance and care. Fall temperatures are perfect for aeration and fertilization, giving your lawn the best look for the upcoming seasons.

Winter Home Improvements

Winter is the best season to start bathroom or kitchen remodeling. This is due to a higher availability of materials and contractors. Keep in mind that any interior remodeling of this extent requires months of preplanning to be ready to start in the winter. Interior painting is another big project to tackle in the winter as manufacturers offer great deals on paint during this season.

home improvements

Carpet cleaning is also an optimal project for the winter. Most homeowners want to wait til the spring to tackle this project, but cleaning your carpets during the winter will make sure stains or bacteria don’t settle in the carpet for the upcoming seasons.

If you are looking to make home improvements to add value to your home, take into consideration the best seasons to do so!


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