The Client Acquisition Team

The Client Acquisition Team

The Client Acquisition Team

By Mark Spain Real Estate

At Mark Spain Real Estate, we value prioritizing your goals. Whether you are inquiring about buying or selling a home, we ensure that no call is left unanswered. The firm foundation behind this value is our Client Acquisition Team. They work diligently to respond to calls and questions, set appointments and keep our organization flowing. Their dedication to providing you with information and quick response time makes this team an invaluable asset!

Mark Spain Real Estate highlights our The Client Acquisition Team

What is the Client Acquisition Team?

These incredible team members are our gatekeepers. They set appointments for sellers and provide potential buyers with basic listing information. In addition, they help ensure you are always connected to the right person.

Available and Ready

From 8:30am to 8:30pm, our Client Acquisition Team is available seven days a week. This means all calls and emails are answered right away! If you need information, rest assured we have someone available and ready to take your call.

Speed to Lead

What differentiates Mark Spain Real Estate from our competitors is that we maintain the fastest response time in the industry. Our Client Acquisition Team makes this possible. When you submit an inquiry, we answer immediately. Mark Spain Real Estate responds to a call within 26 seconds in comparison to the industry average of 24 hours. While other brokerages average 2 days for email response time, our team answers within 5 minutes.

Supporting our Sellers

Sellers, the Client Acquisition Team is your first point of contact! After submitting your inquiry, our Lead Coordinators will reach out within seconds. They will contact you to learn about you and your home and help pair you with an agent who will prioritize your needs. Additionally, they work nonstop to immediately capture potential buyer interest, ensuring your home remains at the top of a buyer’s short list.

Supporting our Buyers

Buyers, this team helps you save time and money! The Client Acquisition Team is able to align you with Shelter Mortgage to start the pre-approval process. This will give you more buying power. Our team is able to arrange office meetings with buyer’s agents. You avoid driving around aimlessly looking for homes and instead receive the benefit of working with a seasoned professional who is invested in helping you establish your search criteria.

Whether you are searching for your next home or needing to sell your current home, our Client Acquisition Team is here to help you take that first step!

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