The Mark Spain Guaranteed Offer: FAQ

The Mark Spain Guaranteed Offer: FAQ

The Mark Spain Guaranteed Offer: FAQ

By Mark Spain Real Estate

Selling your home isn’t always easy. The hustle and bustle of constantly cleaning, making repairs or dealing with open houses is enough to make anyone’s head spin. With the Mark Spain Guaranteed Offer program, you can skip the hassle and sell your home without ever having to put it on the market! We’ve compiled the most frequently asked questions about the Guaranteed Offer so that you know what to expect.

What type of homes meet the requirement for the Mark Spain Guaranteed Offer?

Single family homes built after 1960 between $50,000 – $500,000. They must be owner-occupied or vacant, non-distressed, not bank owned and not in or near flood zones. The homes must be in our service areas and not have any unpermitted additions or significant foundation issues. Additionally, the lot size may not exceed an acre.

The Guaranteed Offer Program helps you skip the stress!

How is my home being paid for?

Our team presents a competitive cash offer on your home contingent upon an inspection. So you don’t need to worry about another party’s financing!

Will my home be advertised for sale?

It will not! The Guaranteed Offer allows you to avoid having an active listing. In other words, no For Sale signs and no strangers walking in and out of your house.

How quickly can I close with a Mark Spain Guaranteed Offer?

If time is of the essence, you’re in luck! Once our team has verified your home meets the requirements and you’ve accepted the offer, you will have the option to close in as little as 21 days!

Skip the stress with Mark Spain Real Estate's Guaranteed Offer Program

What if my home doesn’t meet the program parameters?

Mark Spain Real Estate is a full-service brokerage. If your home is submitted to our Guaranteed Offer program and does not meet the parameters, we can pair you with one of our Exclusive Listing Agents to sell your home with our Market Listing Program!

Skip the hassle. Bypass the market and above all, say goodbye to stress. You chose when you move. Ready to apply? Click here. We’re here to help!

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