Sell Your Home for the Strongest Cash Offer

Sell Your Home for the Strongest Cash Offer

Sell Your Home for the Strongest Cash Offer

By Mark Spain Real Estate

Selling your home is stressful! But with a Guaranteed Offer from Mark Spain Real Estate, you can sell your home for the strongest cash offer in as little as 21 days or after you find your new one! No showings, no open houses, no stress! 

We go the extra mile when serving our clients in selling and buying their homes. Our clients always come first, which is why we remain the #1 team in the US.

Gina was ready to downsize and decided it was time to sell her home. She chose to use our Guaranteed Offer program and received a cash offer for over 114% of her home’s market value! 

We know each of our clients has different real estate goals, which is why we are grateful to provide options! Visit our blog to learn more about the different programs we offer.

Gina’s StoryMark Spain Real Estate Strongest Cash Offer

Gina was ready to downsize! After seeing an ad for Mark Spain Real Estate’s Guaranteed Offer on Facebook, she decided to give us a call. Gina was eager to learn more about how she could experience a streamlined sale, avoid showings and open houses, and receive a competitive all-cash offer! We were grateful to set up an appointment for her to meet one of our experienced Exclusive Listing Consultants.

Once Gina met with her Exclusive Listing Consultant, she was presented with all of the listing options we offer and a free comparative market analysis! She was impressed with all the options we provided and our dedication to the client experience.

Because the Guaranteed Offer program provides our clients with the opportunity to sell their homes completely hassle-free, she decided this program was the perfect way to reach her real estate goals! Gina was thankful she had chosen to work with such a team who makes reaching their clients’ goals their top priority.

Selling for the Strongest Cash Offer

Gina’s Guaranteed Offer experience was unparalleled! She sold her home quickly and received an all-cash offer for over 114% of her home’s market value! Gina was extremely thankful she had chosen to sell her home using our Guaranteed Offer program.

When we asked about her Guaranteed Offer experience, Gina shared,

Strongest Cash Offer for You“Mark Spain Real Estate was super to work with! My Exclusive Listing Consultant took the time to explain everything so we understood! We were thrilled to receive a Guaranteed Offer for over 114% more than we asked! This was the first time we sold a house and Mark Spain Real Estate helped make it very easy!”

About the Guaranteed Offer Program

Mark Spain Real Estate’s Guaranteed Offer makes selling simple and stress-free. The program offers the ability to bypass the market with no showings and no open houses! Additionally, homeowners can receive a competitive cash offer and close in as little as 21 days or after they find their new home.

We understand each of our clients has different real estate goals. Because of this, we provide our clients with different selling programs to meet their real estate goals.

Looking to sell your home or buy in sought-after top markets? Mark Spain Real Estate is grateful to serve you. Contact us today! We serve all of Metro Atlanta, including Athens in Georgia, Raleigh and Charlotte and Greensboro in North Carolina, Nashville and Chattanooga in Tennessee, Tampa and Orlando and Jacksonville in Florida, Greenville in South Carolina, and Birmingham in Alabama!

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