Do You Need To Have a Home Showing if You’re Selling a Home?

Do You Need To Have a Home Showing if You’re Selling a Home?

Do You Need To Have a Home Showing if You’re Selling a Home?

By Mark Spain Real Estate

When selling a home, there are several routes you can take to showcase your listing to buyers. From virtual tours to open houses, it’s crucial to allow buyers to get a closer, in-depth look at your home before they make any offers. However, there’s no better method than private home showings to help buyers envision their next chapter in your space. 

While some sellers are content with online listings and open houses, it’s best to host private home showings for serious buyers looking to make an offer. At Mark Spain Real Estate, our expert listing agents offer valuable home-selling strategies to make your home showings successful. Read below for our comprehensive guide on home showings and how they are imperative for selling your home. 

Do You Need To Have a Home Showing if You’re Selling a Home?

What is a Home Showing?

A home showing is a private tour of a listing scheduled by a buyer’s real estate agent. When scheduling a showing, a buyer will actively select a home they would like to see and work with their agent to arrange a convenient time to tour. Throughout the home showing, buyers can explore each room of your home and get a closer, in-depth look at some of your essential fixtures like storage spaces and appliances. the importance of home showings

As a seller, requests for home showings could occur at any moment. So, it’s best to keep your home “showing-ready” at all times, even if you live in your house while it’s on the market. Getting your home show-ready takes a lot of thought and preparation, as you must ensure your home is clean, warm, and inviting for buyers as soon as they walk through the door. For more information on preparing for home showings, check out our comprehensive guide on how to get ready for home showings in just a few simple steps. 

How is a Home Showing Different from an Open House?

While home showings and open houses are both effective ways to showcase your listing, they differ in viewing schedules, buyer pools, and seller purpose. Sellers typically resort to open houses when their listing has garnered little activity. By holding a well-attended open house, sellers may hope that seeing other interested buyers will motivate attendees to get serious about their listing and make an offer. 

Unlike home showings, open houses are available to any prospective buyer interested in the listing. With no attendance limit, some open houses may see dozens of attendees at once, which makes it a much less-intimate viewing experience for buyers. Meanwhile, when attending a home showing, prospective buyers receive a private viewing experience allowing them to get a closer look at the space and determine if it’s a good fit for them. 

Why are Home Showings Important to Sell a Home?

Home showings play a crucial role in the home-selling process. While buyers may like what they see on your online listing, they will only commit and make you an offer once they thoroughly tour your home and experience it in the flesh. Home showings present important benefits for both sellers and buyers, allowing for a smoother selling process across the board. 

Attracts Serious Buyers

Home showings tend to have a better success rate than open houses because they attract serious buyers. While anyone can waltz into an open house with no intent to buy a home, home showings bring in buyers who are invested in the listing and are committed to purchasing a home. Serious home buyers attend home showings

Fits Buyers’ Schedules

With a private home showing, buyers can schedule tours at their convenience. After scheduling a showing with their agent, the buyer can leisurely tour your property and avoid the space and time constraints of a busy open house. 

Speeds Up The Selling Process

With time and space being no issue, private showings provide buyers with an intimate viewing experience allowing them to make decisions faster. After the tour, they are then able to discuss right then and there their thoughts on your home and discuss potential offers with their agent. And with the right offer, your home showing could be a one-and-done experience! 

Sell Your Home With Mark Spain Real Estate

Are you getting ready to show your home? The real estate professionals at Mark Spain Real Estate are here to help you every step of the way. Our team offers decades of valuable industry insight that will optimize your home showings and impress prospective buyers. And if you’re searching for a competitive cash offer, check out our Guaranteed Offer Program to potentially close on your home in only 21 days. Contact our agents today!

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