The Ultimate Home Buyer’s Wish List

The Ultimate Home Buyer’s Wish List

The Ultimate Home Buyer’s Wish List

By Mark Spain Real Estate

Thinking like a home buyer is the key to successfully selling a home. Ask yourself, What would I want in a home if I were in the market? Pinpointing what buyers want and adapting your home accordingly is a surefire way to sell your home fast. And although it might be impossible to check every box on a home buyer’s wish list, it’s worth covering as many bases as possible.

Exceeding home buyers’ expectations is easy when you work with the industry experts at Mark Spain Real Estate. With decades of valuable experience, our expert listing agents know exactly how to catch buyers’ attention. Below, we’ve compiled the ultimate home buyer’s wish list for sellers looking to spruce up their listing. 

The Ultimate Home Buyer’s Wish List

Renovated Kitchen and Bathrooms

Sitting at the top of home buyers’ wish lists are renovated kitchens and bathrooms. Both of these spaces play an essential role in a home’s livability, which is why they deserve some extra special attention. As far as kitchens go, many home buyers look for professional-graded appliances, sizable islands, walk-in pantries, and ample cabinet space. These upgrades, along with some luxury add-ons like a wine cellar or espresso station, will elevate your kitchen to a whole new level. One of the top items on a home buyer wish list is a renovated kitchen.

If your kitchen is upgraded, you’ll want your bathrooms to be of the same caliber. We recommend paying special attention to the master bathroom and then moving on to other secondary bathrooms and half-baths. Some renovations you might consider are quartz countertops, walk-in showers, refinished bathtubs, and new bathroom tiling. Implementing these upgrades will not only enhance your bathrooms’ aesthetics but also will enhance their functionality and increase home value. 

Hardwood Floors

Carpet just doesn’t cut it these days for home buyers. Instead, most buyers want hardwood flooring throughout their home, particularly in living areas and bedrooms. Buyers love hardwood floors because of their sleek appearance and because they are much more low maintenance than carpeting. They’re easy to clean, helpful for allergies, and overall a more attractive and practical flooring option. Gone are the days of scrubbing stains out of carpets or vacuuming endless bundles of pet hair and dander. Hardwood promises a bigger, better, and cleaner future! 

Open Floor Plan

Open floor plans are a must for young, first-time home buyers looking to entertain. These bright and welcoming home setups are ideal for hosting guests and creating a warm feel throughout the house. An open floor plan usually includes a grand entryway, lofty ceilings, large windows, and a spacious living area. However, if your home is a bit older and doesn’t have these features, you can still find ways to emulate a modern, open floor plan. From styling your space with transparent furniture to uncovering all of your windows, creating the illusion of an open floor plan will help increase your buyer appeal. 

Laundry Room

Though only a tiny portion of a home, laundry rooms make a big difference in a home’s livability. Many young buyers might be coming from living situations with shared, communal laundry rooms and looking to upgrade. Or you might see growing families seeking a large laundry room with plenty of storage and space for children’s belongings. Whatever the case may be, make sure your laundry room includes an energy-efficient washer and dryer, adequate storage space, and surfaces for ironing and folding. On top of that, you might also want to spruce up the room’s aesthetics with freshly painted walls and staged organization. 

Exterior Lighting 

Curb appeal holds a lot of weight with home buyers. And what’s one of the best ways to elevate your exterior? Install some outdoor lighting. A properly-lit home is more attractive and welcoming to buyers, not to mention it also adds functionality for outdoor activities.Add outdoor lighting to boost your curb appeal and perfect your spring home staging. It's high on a home buyer's wish list! Before listing your home, add light fixtures along your driveway or walkway to create an inviting entrance. Doing things like this will guarantee you check on a box on your buyer’s wishlist. 

Outdoor Patio

Like an open floor man, outdoor patios provide the valuable, entertaining space buyers are looking for. These home features are particularly important for buyers in warmer climates, as they will want to take advantage of the weather as much as possible. If your home has a patio, deck, or other outdoor area for entertaining, highlight it in your listing! When holding showings, you might go the extra mile when staging your patio by filling it with cohesive outdoor furniture sets and homey accents. Doing so will capture buyers’ attention and make your listing stand out. 

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