Tips For Making Your Home Memorable

Tips For Making Your Home Memorable

Tips For Making Your Home Memorable

By Mark Spain Real Estate

The average home buyer will visit ten homes over ten weeks before they find “the one.” However, after touring three or four properties, a prospect’s memory fades, and most find it challenging to differentiate the first home from the fourth. Because of this, making your home memorable should be the goal for every home seller. Mark Spain Real Estate has put together a few tips for making your home more memorable to buyers! 

Think Like a Buyer

As you prepare to get your house on the market, start to think like a buyer! Your Mark Spain Real Estate agent is going to make suggestions to better prepare your home for the market. These can include decluttering and impersonalizing your house or staging. It’s important for buyers to imagine themselves in your living room and your kitchen.

Before stepping foot through your door, most buyers will view your home online, with the exterior being the most frequent first image. Curb appeal is vital for drawing potential buyers; however, beyond a power wash, fresh mulch or pine straw, and some potted plants on the steps, a pop of color can make the exterior of your house more memorable. One opportunity to make your home stand out is through a simple can of paint, a brush, and your front door. 

If you have a classic white, black or stained door, ensure it is clean, free of any chipping or discoloration. Use paint or stain to make it shine. Another great option is to commit to a color! Take a walk down your street and observe what color is lacking. Is there a single red, yellow, or blue door on the road? That could be your house and the one that people remember! 


Highlight Unique Traits

Numerous studies have shown that items that stand out from their context are better remembered. In other words, the unique traits of your house are the things that will be most memorable to buyers. HGTV’s Fixer Upper employs this strategy regularly to help the buyer (and TV audience) recall each house. Here are just a few of the home traits that can steal the show:

  • Stunning ceilings: Coffered ceilings are one way to make a statement. On high ceilings, the extra detailing provides a dramatic focal point and elevates the overall experience of the space.
  • Professional-level organization: An elaborate storage/ organizational system will stand out to buyers, particularly if it is unexpected within your price range of comparables. 
  • Pops of color: Painted interior doors, wallpaper in the guest bath, or dark judges paneling in the study are great opportunities to add color. Buyers are more likely to remember pops of color surrounded by an otherwise neutral palette. And, by isolating the use of color in small areas, buyers will also feel more optimistic about the prospect of changing the color in the future if desired. 
  • Alfresco appeal: Entertaining is a strong desire for many home buyers, so if your home features an outdoor dining space or elaborate backyard oasis, be sure to highlight these unique attributes to prospects. 

Create An Experiential Tour

With your open house or showing, there are many ways to make the experience of a home tour more memorable. While professional staging isn’t always an option for sellers, decluttering and simplifying furnishings is a great place to start. By walking the home, buyers are able to visualize themselves and their families making memories within those walls. Clearing the clutter allows listing agents to highlight unique features of the home and benefits to buyers. 

Other unique ideas to enhance the walkthrough experience include fresh flowers, optimal lighting (open the shades, clean the windows and up the wattage to make your home bright and cheery), soft music-that creates a lovely auditory backdrop, and a pleasant scent throughout the entire house.

Whether it’s your bold front door or state-of-the-art organizational system, there are steps every homeowner can take to make their home more memorable to buyers. Mark Spain Real Estate has more combined real estate experience than any other team in the Southeast, let us help you make your home top-of-mind for buyers— Contact us today!

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