Tips for Staging a Home with Kids or Pets

Tips for Staging a Home with Kids or Pets

Tips for Staging a Home with Kids or Pets

By Mark Spain Real Estate

Kids and pets are some of life’s greatest blessings. However, they can present a few challenges for parents looking to stage their homes for the real estate market. From eliminating pet odors to storing kids’ clutter, staging a home with kids is a hefty feat. But with help from a trusted real estate professional, it’s a much easier mountain to climb. 

At Mark Spain Real Estate, we know how critical home staging is to a successful sale. That’s why we offer valuable home staging strategies to home sellers across the Southeast. Whether you have a full household of kids or furry friends, our team is here to make the home staging process as smooth as possible. Below, we’ve compiled some expert tips for staging a home with kids or pets. 

Tips for Staging a Home with Kids or Pets

Neutralize Bedroom Decor

While your kids might love bright-colored walls and movie-themed bedding, prospective buyers might not feel the same. Though these youthful decorations are fine when you’re settled in a home, they don’t serve as a selling factor for a house on the market.Staging a home with kids or pets means neutralizing all bedroom decor to appeal better to buyers. Most buyers will consider these rooms an item they’ll have to fix once they move in, decreasing their interest in your property. That said, it’s best to neutralize children’s bedrooms before your listing goes up. Paint the walls a tasteful color and switch any decorative items that might draw negative attention. 

Remove Family Personal Items

When it comes to home staging do’s and don’ts, personal items are a major no-no. While you might love displaying family photos or your kid’s artwork for all to see, your buyers won’t feel the same sentiment. When touring a home, buyers want to see a blank slate that they can one day make their own rather than a home that is clearly already lived in. For you, the seller, that means eliminating personal touches from your space and maintaining a neutral, muted space with broad appeal. 

Eliminate Stains and Odors

It’s no secret that kids and pets can be messy. If your child or pet has a habit of spilling all over the carpet or having accidents in the house, you’ll need to take action before your home showings begin. Do a roundup of your home by washing rugs, bedding fabrics, and other items/surfaces that might capture strong odors or stains. On show days, consider opening windows for ventilation, plugging in a neutralizing air freshener, and removing all of your home’s trash to eliminate any risk of lingering odors. After all, nothing will turn away a buyer faster than a nasty stench! 

Consider Consolidating Kids Rooms 

For families with more than one child, consolidating kids’ rooms is a smart course of action. Rather than having multiple kids’ rooms on display, consider having your kids temporarily share a room while your home is on the market. This way, you can stage an extra bedroom as a home office or guest bedroom to appeal to a broader range of buyers. You might also implement this same idea with your playroom. Instead of showcasing it as an area for children, store toys and games and stage the space as a more adult-friendly game room or media room. 

Clean Regularly 

Maintaining consistent cleanliness is crucial to selling any home, but it’s especially important for sellers with kids or pets. Create a regular cleaning schedule when staging a home with kids or pets.While your home is on the market, have your household practice good daily habits like washing dishes or making their beds. In addition to that, you might also enforce a nightly checklist to ensure you wake up to a clean home each morning. If your kids are old enough, try to get them involved with your household cleaning. The job will be easier with more helping hands! 

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