Top 3 Books For Professional and Personal Development

Top 3 Books For Professional and Personal Development

Top 3 Books For Professional and Personal Development

By Mark Spain Real Estate

At Mark Spain Real Estate, we strive to constantly grow and improve. One of the ways we do this is by reading the right books and developing the right habits.

Through specialization, hard work, and providing our employees with countless training and growth opportunities, we have established a culture of excellence. Mark Spain Real Estate has compiled a list of our top 3 books that have served our team in achieving professional and personal development.

Our Top 3 Books for Development

The One ThingDevelopment Book: The One Thing

It’s important to learn from the masters; when it comes to real estate, Gary Keller is the go-to. His advice is simple: “To achieve extraordinary success, just focus on one thing, just one.” It’s that simple- but it’s not easy.

Modern life makes focusing difficult. From spending time scrolling through social media to binge-watching a television series, time can quickly slip away! With all the time we allocate to these activities, we could instead be learning, growing, and prospering.

To keep ourselves focused, we utilize Gary Keller’s 1-3-5 principle: identify one big goal, three milestones to measure our progress, and five actionable steps for achievement. Each agent develops their 1-3-5, discusses it with team members, and is held accountable for it.

Because our agents are empowered to focus on their One Thing, serving their clients, this has allowed us to excel in residential real estate and to remain the #1 team in the United States for closed transactions for the fourth year in a row!

Development Book: The Psychology of Winning

The Psychology of Winning

Dr. Denis Waitley is a man who understands the concept of “winning” and what it takes to push high performance to the next level. He has coached Super Bowl and Olympic athletes, medical researchers, top executives, and even returning POWs to help them understand how they can reach their maximum potential.

Published in 1984, The Psychology of Winning outlines a set of principles to live by. For us, the most important one is to always focus on positivity. By remaining positive, we allow ourselves to always stand tall. This contributes to building a positive work environment as we stay motivated to keep moving forward!


Development Book: What It TakesWhat It Takes

Once you have clear goals and a positive attitude, the next step, and the most important one, is the execution of your development. Execution is about consistency and the key to the pursuit of excellence.

No one threw a parade for a follow-up call or for completing a checklist, but small acts add up to big rewards. This lesson is at the heart of Stephen A. Schwarzman’s book, and it’s one we take seriously at Mark Spain Real Estate.

A career in business offers endless learning opportunities. The lessons Stephen A. Schwarzman shares about working hard for success are extraordinarily valuable, regardless of your personal or professional ambitions.

Schwarzman’s experience proves that it isn’t just industry expertise or raw talent that makes a good leader, but rather an enduring commitment to personal growth. Whether it’s exercising first thing in the morning or blocking time to follow up with clients, these small things add up and lead us towards earning success.

Mark Spain Real Estate strives to constantly grow and improve. Because of our dedication to furthering our development, we remain the most trusted name in residential real estate and deliver an unparalleled client experience.

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