Top Fall Home Exterior Projects When Selling Your Home

Top Fall Home Exterior Projects When Selling Your Home

Top Fall Home Exterior Projects When Selling Your Home

By Mark Spain Real Estate

When it comes to selling real estate in the fall, cooler temperatures, falling leaves, and festive decorations make the process of selling that much more enjoyable. Fall is the perfect time to take on home exterior projects you have wanted to start! Mark Spain Real Estate has compiled some of the top home exterior projects to tackle if you plan to sell your home this season.

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Fall Home Exterior Projects

Add a Fresh Coat of Paint to the Front Door

A freshly painted front door is an easy way to make your home stand out from others on the market. Although this project is simple, it increases the value of your home and reaps the biggest reward.

Any exterior painting is advised to be done when temperatures are at least 50 degrees and will not fall below the 40s at night time. This range of temperatures allows the paint to set properly and prevents it from freezing before it is fully dry. This upgrade will also enhance potential homebuyers’ first impression of your home!

Repair or Replace the Roof

Next, repair all broken or missing shingles, tiles, or ridge caps before attempting to sell your home. These are the components that protect your home from water damage, so it is best to keep your roof in its best condition. Keep your eyes open for any other problem spots such as cracks and bubbles in the sealant. Future buyers will appreciate the extra steps taken in preparing the home and will eliminate some of the potential negotiations at the closing table.

A buyer wants their new home to be in good condition when they move in, so if your roof is showing signs of age or serious damage, you may consider getting a new roof this fall.

MSRE Home Exterior Projects

Replace or Repair Windows

Replacing old windows can boost your home’s selling potential and even its price. Many homeowners focus on improving more pronounced features of their home, such as the kitchen and the bathrooms, forgetting to check on the status of their aging windows.

It is important to keep your budget in mind when selling your home. Making a list of the projects that are most important to you before you start your projects will ensure that you do not spend too much on little things. Take a look at all of the windows of your home and see which ones need to be repaired and which ones do not.

If your windows are fairly new or in great condition, a full replacement may not be a necessary home exterior project. If you have modern windows that are not drafty, are soundproof, and are relatively energy-efficient then just enhancing their condition can do the trick for your home’s overall appeal.

Home Exterior Projects

Clean the Gutters

Gutters are intended to drain the water that collects on the roof of your home. When autumn leaves and other debris pile up and clog the gutters, your home’s exterior could suffer.

Make sure the gutters are cleaned in the fall to enhance your home’s appearance, as well as help to avoid further damage if heavy snowfalls hit later in the winter. Taking the time each week to clean gutters, lawns, and porches will eliminate the stress of trying to clean everything all at once when you are selling.

Pressure Wash the Exterior

Lastly, we recommend pressure washing the exterior of your home. This includes the sides of the home, the windows, the driveway, and the areas surrounding pavement and sidewalks.

An effective pressure wash to these areas will remove any dirt, stains, mildew, and algae that would otherwise increase the curb appeal of your home. Your home is bound to stand out and prove memorable to potential home buyers if its exterior is clean and freshly pressure washed!

These fall home exterior projects will have your home ready to sell, and you’ll enjoy completing them in nice, cooler weather. Want to sell your home this fall or looking to sell and don’t have the time to tackle repairs and home projects? Mark Spain Real Estate has many selling options to choose from. Give us a call at 855-299-7653 or visit our website to learn more!

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