Top Features Homebuyers are Looking for in 2020

Top Features Homebuyers are Looking for in 2020

Top Features Homebuyers are Looking for in 2020

By Mark Spain Real Estate

Mark Spain Real Estate is here to give you up-to-date real estate information so you can stay well informed and make the best decisions. Today, we have curated the top features in a home buyers are looking for in 2020.

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Top Features Home Buyers are Looking for in 2020

Mark Spain Real Estate has compiled the top features home buyers are looking for in 2020

Spacious Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of the home. This is one of the most important rooms in a home, as a lot of time is spent here. Homebuyers in 2020 are looking for large, spacious kitchens for themselves or their families.  If a kitchen is also on an open floor plan, this is an added bonus as buyers prefer easy transitions throughout a home. A large, open kitchen adds a lot of value and is likely to sell quicker..

Energy Efficient

Top features homebuyers look for also include energy efficiencies. With the growing interest to protect the environment, this new home buying generation is looking for ways to be more sustainable. For example, homebuyers look for highly efficient cooling and heating systems to cut down costs while also helping the environment.

Hardwood Flooring

This is no surprise on a homebuyer’s top features list. Hardwood floors look admirable and have become a large selling point in real estate. Additionally, they are easier to clean over carpet, which makes this a perfect home feature for buyers with children or pets. 

Fenced Yard

Most homebuyers in 2020 are looking to check off a fenced yard from their top features list. Not only do they add privacy to a yard, but a fence also keeps homeowner’s pets and children safe while enjoying the outdoors.


Homebuyers are looking for more space in a home in 2020. A basement provides homebuyers with added space for their families. They are the perfect places to enjoy more room, whether it’s for entertaining, storage, or working out. 

Home Office

Now more than ever, homebuyers are looking for space where they can work without distractions. With more homeowners working from home than ever before, office space is important to stay productive. With this trend continuing into the future, a home office has made its way on the top features list for homebuyers. A home office allows homeowners to accomplish their tasks, projects, and work efficiently. A beautifully designed home office with great decor will attract homebuyers even more.

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