Top Home Trends to Avoid in 2022

Top Home Trends to Avoid in 2022

Top Home Trends to Avoid in 2022

By Mark Spain Real Estate

Mark Spain Real Estate is grateful to provide the top home trends to avoid in 2022. We strive to ensure our clients have all the information they need to stay informed of the latest trends in the residential real estate market! Whether you are selling your home or looking to elevate your current one, Mark Spain Real Estate has you covered! We are here to help you attract the right buyers to your home. 

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Top Home Trends To Avoid

Shiplaphome trends to avoid

Shiplap was a major trend in the farmhouse era. It will be used far less in the upcoming years, as it has been over-done. There are many alternatives to shiplap including herringbone wood, oak, reclaimed wood, and textured wallpaper. Set your home apart from the rest and try something new to add variation and texture to your home. Adding texture is a major home trend in 2022, many have grown eerie of the simplistic styles seen in 2021. 

Mismatched Furniture

A major home trend in 2022 is adding texture and variation in colors, patterns, and textures. To avoid seeming too chaotic, add those elements into accent pieces rather than in furniture. A seamless look with matching furniture will elevate any room. Add bright pops of color with pillows, blankets, curtains, and area rugs. There is nothing like matching accent chairs to create a fun space! 

In addition to people doing away with shiplap, people are also deflecting from the farmhouse-style furniture. In 2022, Artesian-style furniture is taking first place in 2022 home trends. If you are unfamiliar with the artesian style, it is very unique and natural-looking. It is typically homemade and shuns away from mass production. It is curated in a way where it celebrates imperfections and is typically made from wood, ratton, and stone. The artesian style can be implemented in a way where you feel the natural esque and combine it with cozy elements of warm colors and throws.

Accent Walls

In recent history, accent walls were a major trend. However, interior designers are veering away from the accent wall. Monochromatic painted walls will rise in 2022. To go along with the seamless flow of the home, the wall color will provide contrast to the variation in colors and textures with accent elements. 

All White KitchensHome trends to avoid

The simplicity and brightness of an all-white kitchen caught the eyes and hearts of many. However, it is a home trend many are veering away from in 2022. Many people are on the path to a more natural hue with touches of bright colors! This adds a warm feel to the home while adding an exciting touch with fuchsias, blues, and greens. With all this to say, all-white kitchens are not “out.” They will always be a classic go-to, however, more people are opting for a more natural feel.

Home trends are constantly changing, just like the real estate market! We are grateful to ensure our clients have all the information and tools they need to stay in the know of these changes. We strive to remain the most knowledgeable in the industry so you can trust you are in the best hands possible from the beginning of the transaction to the very end!  

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