Top Tech Picks for the Home

Top Tech Picks for the Home

Top Tech Picks for the Home

By Mark Spain Real Estate

Lucky us! We have the digital power to do so much with the click of a button or a simple voice command. These new technologies bring ease and excitement to homeowners and people alike, and we have our top tech picks for you.

Tech Picks- Voice Control Integration: Amazon Echo

Better known by its voice assistant Alexa, Amazon Echo allows users to integrate various platforms and perform a variety of functions, from playing music and reading audiobooks to order an Uber. You can even check the score of the big game or hear the kids’ soccer practice schedule for the week just by asking!

Learning Thermostats: Nest

Nest is ideal for those of us why don’t want to adjust the thermostat every day, especially as the cooler weather approaches. It automatically adjusts the thermostat every day, especially as the cooler weather approaches. Nest automatically adjusts the temperature based on location within the home and saves on energy costs. There’s even an app that allows homeowners to adjust the home’s temperature from wherever, whether at the neighbor’s Halloween party or even outside of the country.

MSRE compiles the top tech picks of todays date!

Smart Garage Doors: Chamberlain MyQ

Ever get that awful gut feeling of forgetting to close the garage door? We’ve all been there. The Chamberlain MyQ smart garage door and app has solved this frustrating problem by allowing homeowners to open or close the garage door from a mobile device. It even sends notifications when the door has been opened and brings peace of mind to the homeowner. So, if you’re rushing out the door to get to that Bulldogs game and can’t remember if you shut the garage door or not, just check the app!

Smart Appliances: LG My Recipe App

LG offers a wide array of smart appliances, from washers and dryers to refrigerators and ovens. Long gone are the days of missing the oven timer and eating dry turkey at Thanksgiving. With the My Recipe App, you can control oven temperature and cooking time as well as receive notifications when food is done. Now, you can watch the game instead of hanging out in the kitchen.

Smart Appliances: Smarter Coffee

There is nothing better on a cool October morning than a warm cup of freshly made coffee. Smarter Coffee is wifi-enabled and alerts users when your coffee is ready to when the water level is low.

Start Smarter Coffee from anywhere in the home with the click of a button. So, when it’s time to get the kids up for school, you can still keep an eye on the coffee while you make sure the kids are getting ready – multitasking made easy!

These top tech picks from MSRE will add ease and excitement to your home!

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